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Next Gen Gaming, coming to a library near you

So the time has now come for me to make suggestions on what games to purchase for the library’s collection.

According to what I observe in my little corner of the reference world, XBox 360 and Wii are very consistent. 510 more words


the brisbane rental: a dramatic memoir

Originally published by the good people at mous. magazine.

Exactly one week before our lease came up, my sister and I began to leisurely search for a new rental. 881 more words

Sin and Punishment

Treasure’s N64 classic that was completely in English but unreleased here until the Virtual Console release…then it sold like crazy and Nintendo felt dumb.


Star Fox 64

A remake of the original Star Fox that became a LEGEND…do I could 64 and 64 3D as the same game or not?


New Staff: Sam Short

In our continuing efforts to bring you new articles, reviews and opinions and much more besides, JoypadAndMe are constantly looking for new people to bring on board to help us attain what we strive for. 93 more words


Star Wars Double Play - Nintendo 64 Australian release

Released in Australia in 1999 was this Star Wars Double Play. It is exclusive to the Australian region and includes two of the Star Wars N64 games – Rogue Squadron and Episode I Racer. 103 more words