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Visor utama helm sudah anti-fog? Saya sih ga percayaaa

Saya bicara ga sembarangan loooh, tapi karena memang saya pernah punya 1 helm (ga usah sebut merk lah yaaah) yang dari sononya meng-klaim visor utamanya sudah anti-fog. 269 more words


Retro Game Night 7/20/14

Over the years I have slowly been building a collection of retro games. I tend to pick out ones that are either nostalgic to me or are very odd and obscure. 905 more words

Bible Adventures

RCA to HDMI Video Tutorial

Wow it’s been a while!

Anyway here’s a video tutorial on how to play older game consoles on newer TV sets.

Tell me what you think.

Retro Gaming

Custom N64 Table = MIND BLOWN!

Gamer furniture isn’t a new thought, as there are such things as game chairs and couches that feature control plugins and speakers. Those are cool, but this truly blew my mind. 83 more words


Forget lame police boxes, use video games to time travel to your childhood.

Few things compare to the joy of listening to a song you were obsessed with as a young teen or eating candy your mom use to make. 1,046 more words

Banjo Kazooie, Rare (1998), Nintendo 64

Rare certainly did love to bite the hand that fed them. Back when Rare were the sole property of Nintendo, everything they made was Nintendo-bait. They had a pop at cartoon racing (the awesome… 643 more words

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