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The Nintendo Family

Combination estate sale and thrift store find, around $55 for all. There was more, including strategy guides, magazines, and appreciate cables for the system’s which didn’t fit in the image. 38 more words

General Finds

Banjo Tooie Review (N64)

The bear & bird are back for another adventure that sees them leaving behind Spiral Mountain & heading for the Isle O’ Hags where a familiar foe awaits. 520 more words

The Disc

Trap or Die, GoldenEye

Here is a really great piece of Internet. The sample behind Young Jeezy’s 2005 hit, “Soul Survivor” is from the Bunker Level of GoldenEye. Who knew?


468* brand new old games

With yet another computer nearing its end, I figured it was time to back up all of my files on my old external hard drive. It’s a no-name brand that holds about 320 GB and has a motor louder than my car when plugged in. 282 more words

Classic Gaming

App For Motorola Watch Turns You Into GoldenEye Master

You can now turn your Motorola watch into the famous James Bond watch and ultimate tool from GoldenEye 007 on Nintendo 64. The watch was your main hub in the game and red bars showed your health and blue bars showed shields. 39 more words


You Can Stick The iWatch Where The Sun Don't Shine. I Want The Moto360 Watch With The Goldeneye Face And I Want It Now

I always thought that watches were for finance hardos and people that didn’t realize their phones had an easily accessible clock.  Turns out the joke’s on me, since I need this watch more than I need oxygen. 104 more words

The Psychology of Mario Kart 8.

Mario Kart 8 was released a few months ago for Nintendo’s excellent Wii U, and Mr. Wapojif has been swearing his head off ever since. This game promotes more vitriolic abuse and foul obscenities than any other! 355 more words