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No-stall-gia, Part 1

Note: For the holidays, I will be going through remakes and ports I have played. If you missed the post, you can find it here… 543 more words

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Retro Reminiscence: NINTENDO 64

We have all had that one gift during Christmas that we dreadfully wished for and blew our minds when we got it. With the holiday season upon us, memories of the N64 kid and his mind blown reaction to receiving the ultimate holiday gift of the late ’90s come flooding back. 411 more words

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Retro-Bytes: Playing Super Mario 64 Star Road

Super Mario 64 Star Road is a fan made sequel to the original N64 hit, and being that I play Super Mario 64 religiously to this day, I had to give this a shot.  It’s challenging, but addicting…


Retro Gaming: The Nintendo 64

With the 64 bits power of Nintendo 64, players can explore breathtaking 3D worlds that explode with colour, dance with real-time lighting effects and light up your ears with CD-quality sound. 361 more words


Colorwind Reviews Cruis’n USA

Arcade racing games are a lot of fun. Unlike games like Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport, you don’t have to worry about braking for turns or shifting. 693 more words

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Nostalgia with Snowboard Kids (N64) aka If I Were a Snowboard Kid

It’s practically criminal, the extent to which I’ve ignored the N64 on this blog. As a youngster, I tasted the fruits of various consoles at friends’ houses: PS1, SNES, NES, Megadrive and Saturn. 1,114 more words