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it's a matter of trust

As far as I can remember, I don’t think I’ve ever caught anyone in a big significant lie.   It might, if it ever happens, turn out to be quite a very bad idea to confront the evil doer with his misdeed.     189 more words


Apr 11: Role Models

Should celebrities strive to be role models, or should they not be held to a different standard than the average private citizen?

I thoroughly agree that celebrities should be striving to be role models.

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Smoked Meat Sandwich

My great inspiration for a verse tonight is just what I had for supper. Which was smoked meat, so, nothing overly inspired. But what was inspired was a song that our former neighbour Jen once wrote about a smoked meat sandwich that I made, and I wish I could remember all the words. 134 more words

you cheated. you lied.

Conveniently I’ve never stooped to any significant kind of inappropriate behavior,  or at least not anywhere near significant enough to make it unavoidably necessary to keep constantly covering it up with a lie.   198 more words


Washing The Feet Lent Day 41

“…And here he shows the full extent of love
To us whose love is always incomplete,
In vain we search the heavens high above,
The God of love is kneeling at our feet. 276 more words


encore presentation: useful websites for poets & writers & bloggers ~ (inter)national poetry month April 2014

(inter)national poetry month
April 2014

encore  presentation

useful sites
for poets & writers & bloggers

do you ever find yourself  needing a definition or a synonym?   1,153 more words


Apr 9 - Scandalous Double Standards

Do you think there are a lot of double standards between men and women when it comes to scandals?

I don’t necessarily believe that there is.

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