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Third floor apartment

Beneath the oak tree was the perfect spot to watch his apartment. Under the leaf-thick branches, looking down from the third floor, she was hidden from view. 87 more words


Hook and Robin Williams

Picture Credit: Fan art by AnthonyJS02 downloaded Fanart.tv

When I learned that Robin Williams had passed away, I was in shock. It was very sad to learn that he was struggling with depression and that nobody was able to help him. 356 more words


Conscious Imperfection..

Fray to me is a conscious imperfection.. A distressed jeans is not made distressed, but is deliberately frayed for a rustic, appeal. A worn out tire was not made that way, but the wear is the result of use, born out of a conscious purpose. 54 more words


Trip down memory lane? (NaBloPoMo: Mnemonics)

Prompt: How often do you dip into your memory for blog post topics vs. discussing the here and now?

My personal rule or motto for blogging or journaling is this: “If you don’t write it down, it’s gone forever.” (I’d like to thank my favorite English teacher for this one.) 89 more words


Breakin' the Law

I had a moment in Target earlier this week. I feared having a total meltdown in the fitting room while trying on jeans.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve driven home in tears after clothes shopping. 442 more words

Writing Prompt