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life's been good to me so far

Fortunately I’ve never been involved with anyone I shouldn’t have been mixed up with.   I can understand how taxing that kind of relationship can be.   Imagine all the incessant arguing because of such a  total lack of compatibility.   86 more words


Exposure - Admitting my nerd status

It is official. I outed myself. I divulged. I emerged into the stage of public exposure.

How it all started? With a bag. A simple cotton bag. 238 more words



They watched the others go,
Fear gripped their hearts
But they did not let it show

For they were men
And how could they fear? 142 more words


celebrate Earth Day ~ Tuesday 22 April 2014

celebrate  Earth  Day

Tuesday  22  April  2014


if  you can’t do it Tuesday, do something this weekend

Have fun doing Earth Day activities with your kids… 708 more words


it's a matter of trust

As far as I can remember, I don’t think I’ve ever caught anyone in a big significant lie.   It might, if it ever happens, turn out to be quite a very bad idea to confront the evil doer with his misdeed.     189 more words


Apr 11: Role Models

Should celebrities strive to be role models, or should they not be held to a different standard than the average private citizen?

I thoroughly agree that celebrities should be striving to be role models.

384 more words
Writing Challenge

Smoked Meat Sandwich

My great inspiration for a verse tonight is just what I had for supper. Which was smoked meat, so, nothing overly inspired. But what was inspired was a song that our former neighbour Jen once wrote about a smoked meat sandwich that I made, and I wish I could remember all the words. 134 more words