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Haunting Photos of Nuclear Test Sites in Secret Soviet Cities

In their heyday, Semipalatinsk-16 and Moscow-10 weren’t represented on a map. There were no street signs to lead you there. And if you wanted to live there, the KGB had to approve your relocation with the proper security clearances. 270 more words


Nadav Kander and the aestheticisation of landscape

Nadav Kander’s latest landscape series “Dust” is exhibited at Flowers, Kingsland Road, London until 11 October 2014.

All photographers make an aesthetic decision when they choose a viewpoint and frame a photo, but aetheticisation goes beyond this to making “pleasingly beautiful” or “idealised”1 landscapes. 386 more words


Photojournalism Links Daily Digest: Sept. 16, 2014

Today’s daily Photojournalism Links collection highlights Aaron Huey’s photographs from the Svaneti region of Georgia’s Caucasus Mountains where centuries-old traditions live on. The beautifully executed National Geographic photo essay provides a fascinating look at the remote Svans community, in Huey’s unmistakable style. 207 more words

The Backstory

"Dust," Nadav Kander's new exhibition and monograph, explores the radioactive ruins of secret cities on the border between Kazakhstan and Russia


Nadav Kander‘s latest fine-art photo project, “Dust,” explores the vestiges of the Cold War through the radioactive ruins of secret cities on the border between Kazakhstan and Russia. 378 more words

Recent Work

Surreal and “outrospective”: Nadav Kander photographs “The Art of Fashion” for Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus commissioned Nadav Kander to photograph this year’s highly anticipated “Art of Fashion” campaign, which is making its premiere in the September edition of the luxury retailer’s publication… 350 more words

Recent Work