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Week 7 (of 12)

I was very nervous going into my blood draw at chemo this past Monday.  Email exchanges with my care team last week indicated that, given the timing of coordinating the logistics of a port surgery with the schedule of my immune system, the earliest I could get scheduld to have a port installed would be right before the beginning of my fourth cycle (i.e., mid Sept)!  534 more words


Time of day

I’m shooting an earthwork monument for photogrammetry, and its taken months of patient work by the team at OWLP to get all the required consents, so as soon as I got the email from Natural England confirming permission and the cloud cleared, off I went, got there at 10am and flew for an hour. 197 more words


Nadir, Master of Magic

Nadir, Master of Magic is an Indian Prince, living in New York City.  And doesn’t that text heavy page make you want to read all about him? 534 more words

In the middle of it.

I feel terrible. I am in the middle of the “nadir,” when I am at my lowest point post treatment. Six rounds of this minimum, before the stem cell transplant. 256 more words


Sleep Games

Yesterday I had a hard time putting my little one to sleep. We went through the usual routine of a bath, 2 stories read out, 1 story made up, a cuddle and a hug, but the little guy had no intentions of sleeping. 46 more words


My Son is a Star!

Further to my post earlier today, my son Nadir and I did go to the beach and we didn’t encounter a hailstorm. Instead we met a film crew shooting a commercial and they asked my son to be part of the commercial! 82 more words


Little shoes, Big Assessments

In Dubai and apparently in most of GCC when children start school, they have to go through an assessment. Barely out of their diapers, these children as young as 2 1/2 are put into groups without their parents and observed and asked questions. 295 more words