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Novorossian Liberation War

What we have now betrays a dire situation. The same moment I recalled Yom Kippur War
when Israeli surrounded III Egyptian Army caught on Eastern bank of Suez Canal. 824 more words


NAF Post: Alphabet Blogging, G is for...


There are so many jobs that fall on an author’s shoulders nowadays. Not only do we have to be continually honing the craft of writing, but we have to be marketers and savvy business managers. 47 more words


Blood Bowl - ExeBowl Tournament Report

Things have been super busy recently but yesterday one of my hobby projects came to fruition – ExeBowl. Here’s a tournament report that I submitted to the NAF site. 1,176 more words

Tabletop Games

God's Love (NAFAANRA: Bible NT)


John (Jↄn) 3:16

16 Imi na Nyiɛkpↄↄ waŋgra leele kori yi kre, ki tia u u Pↄ nunu chom wre tun, na ŋmba we u shↄ mbe li kre, mbe wa ku, la, mbe u blenyini ŋmaa ta.


The Beatitudes (NAFAANRA: Bible NT)


Matthew (Маtio) 5:3-12

3 “Mblɛ pe nyɛni mblɛ pe Nyiɛkpↄↄ kee kre shian kre, pe wo yi dwamu. Ŋgi na, pre wo yi nyjeeri ŋunumu kre. 184 more words


Explaining The Battle For Donetsk Airport

 By: J.V Capone

Explaining The Battle For Donetsk Airport

Video: interview with Joaquin Flores – 9 minutes

he Donetsk airport served not a direct military role, but a political one, as Flores explains in this 9 minute piece.   625 more words

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Death Row Soldiers Still In Underground Cells

About a week after the 12 soldiers condemned to death by a military court-martial were moved to military facilities in Kainji in Niger State and Lagos, LEADERSHIP has again gathered that the soldiers are still being kept in an underground cell. 10 more words