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NAF Vinter 2014/2015 by TOXIC

This is such a strong idea for an ad to think, nice concept…and nice graphics too

Toxic is a creative prodution company located in Norway… 23 more words


Apex High AOIT coding challenge today!

I’m boosting the signal for the Apex High School AOIT program. Please help spread the word …


TODAY Progress Software will host the first Apex High School… 414 more words

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Join me in supporting John's efforts

John Mauro is creating a gingerbread Ice Castle at the Auburn Mall to support Ataxia research.  Let’s SUPPORT him!  The full article can be read here: http://yankeeshopper.net/content/john-mauro-create-gingerbread-ice-castle-auburn-mall


I Have Ataxia

I have Ataxia!  And I am not the only one. If you are reading this, this may also be what you are dealing with or someone you know may be dealing with this. 193 more words


NAFC 2015 Duel Entry

Here’s the process of the construction and painting of my NAFC Duel entry.



I was inspired by all of the outstanding entries of the 2014 Duel competition to such a degree that on the drive home an idea for the below popped into my head. 421 more words

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When the Kremlin's Brains Will Use Them At Last?

The war in the South-East Online 20.11.2014 Chronicle

War online in the new Russia (DND and LNR), latest news ATO (anti-national terrorist operation) for today. Operational Reports from the zone of military conflict in the South-East of Ukraine.

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Putin Went Nuts! :( Very Sad Thing of Health. He Overworked I Think.

Yes, President Putin wants to manage ALL things. He is micromanaging everything. All press and media titles say – “Putin recommend”, “Putin ordered”, “Putin visited”, “Putin criticized”, “Putin gave directions”, “Putin made decisions” (on petty, shitty, turdy matters etc), “Putin forbidden”, “Putin asked”, “Putin controlled”, “Putin checked”, “Putin presses for new development of”, “Putin praises”, Putin castigated”, “Putin went”, “Putin flied”, “Putin attended”, “Putin wagged his finger”, “Putin removed”, “Putin occurred”, “Putin talked”, “Putin said”, etc. 822 more words