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Gandhara culture, pensive bodhisattvas

These two sculptures represent a bodhisattva, probably Avalokiteshvara, holding a lotus flower in one hand while resting his head on the other. The first is depicted in a realistic manner, with elegant body proportions and facial features, the second has an oversized head and one hand bigger than the other but the folds of his robe and the lotus he holds reveal a remarkable level of craftsmanship. 67 more words

Asian Art

Construction Work - Wednesday 16th April

So, I’ve returned from Salute (and what a fantastic day it was – more on that in another post) with a fairly modest haul, which I’ve been able to assemble over the last couple of days (it so happened that Salute coincided with a week off that myself and Mrs Leeman had booked!) 810 more words


2013 April - Bicol

We booked our plane ticket to bicol before we planned our wedding. Me and my fiance are actually thinking of cancelling this trip because it is kind of close to our wedding date and of course.. 512 more words


Wiro Sableng Si Kera Sakti

Minion-1: *Nyanyi OST kera sakti
**Nih liriknya sodara sodari:
Seekor kera terkurung terpenjara dalam gua, di gunung tinggi sunyi tempat hukuman para dewa… Bertindak sesuka hati… loncat ke sana ke sini… 51 more words


Chilli Planting 2014: The good and the bad

Sorry it’s been a while since my last post. It’s been a couple of weeks since I planted my seeds and where some have grown, some have not. 58 more words

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The Road Down South

Sept. 21, 2005, that was a Wednesday, I recall. The two ComSci blocks visited the towns in the south as part of our Hist 1 class’ Heritage tour. 210 more words


Razer Naga Molten Limited Edition - MMO gaming mouse

Ready stock, terbatas!!

17 MMO-optimized buttons
Effortlessly access more abilities and macros than ever before with 17 mouse buttons including the revolutionary Razer Naga thumb grid. 173 more words