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A Nagasaki Smile

I saw this photo of a survivor of the bombing of Nagasaki on Twitter today. It struck me.

A smile in the midst of destruction and death – what a metaphor for love and life in the midst of suffering.


Exhibits in Nagasaki

The Nagasaki Library of Nagasaki Prefecture is currently holding two exhibits about atomic bomb-related literature.

One exhibit, “Ishida Hisashi to Nagasaki” portrays the life of Hisashi Ishida (石田壽) whose daughter, Masako Ishida (石田雅子), is well-known as the author of… 144 more words


Must Try Food in Kyushu

Fukuoka, considered heaven for food-loving people like me! I’ve made a list on the things I tried in Fukuoka, and Kyushu in general, so here is my count down starting off with my favorite! 285 more words


Kyushu Travel: Nagasaki

Nagasaki Day Trip

Day 4 of my Kyushu trip, I decided to go to Nagasaki. Ah, the victim of the atomic bomb. That’s what Nagasaki is to most people these days. 695 more words


Megane in Nagasaki.

The picture when I went to see “Megane Bashi” in Nagasaki. Megane=Eye glasses, Bashi(hashi)=bridge.


This is the first stone construction arch bridge which was made in Japan in 1634. 124 more words

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Japan - Safe to Visit? [Trip Report]

My whole family is obsessed with Japan. Even though none of us speaks any Japanese, we just love this amazing country for its culture, food, cleanliness and all the high tech stuff. 806 more words


Battleship Island

The island trip I mentioned in my previous posts was to Hashima, also known as Gunkanjima or ‘Battleship Island’ because of its appearance. It’s an abandoned mining town that at the height of its production in the late 1950s was home to 5,259 people on an area of 6.3 hectares.  733 more words

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