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Thanksgiving + hypomania = great... then bad

Yay.  Yeah so it’s that fabulous time of year filled with more stress for most people (myself included) than any other time of year.  Which is super for those of us (e.g., people with chronic illnesses, whether they be physical or mental) who are triggered by stress.  1,116 more words

Coping Mechanisms

When life is a lecture and you never live up

I’m doing comparatively well right now compared to the last almost year of depression.  It’s been about a month now and now people are starting to put the pressure on.   145 more words

Background Information

I need advice

My ex-boyfriend and I continue to be friends, but my need for our relationship again is pushing him away. I feel like if I dont talk to him he will “forget me” and I keep talking to him its making him not want to deal with me. 28 more words


You are Going to Get the Grief So you Might as Well Get The Green

Why I charge everyone for my service

 No “Friends and Family” Plans here!  If you want to get your IT Support from me you are going to have to as Jerry McGuire would say  “Show me the Money.” Why you ask?Anything that happens to the computer after you have worked on it will be your fault. 264 more words

How do you communicate?

I wrote recently about the hundred little things that can grind you down in a relationship. And how the key to overcoming these things is… 162 more words


Nagging or Recommending?

Trio no. 4

‘I should have come with him inside that building,’ I told myself noticing the gradual disappearance of cars in the parking lot each time I open my eyes in an attempt to get a nap. 304 more words

Daily Post

day 637: blame wrt to constructive criticism

Be equal and one with the physical here, no need to get lost in the head as thoughts, emotions and feelings because within that you’re equal and one as the mind, not as physical. 830 more words