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Nagging: The Misconception

I have heard different people, especially girls justify their own nagging. The common belief is that nagging is a way of showing their partner that they still love and care about him, else they would have given the silent treatment. 571 more words

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Seeking approval:

Some humans are too committed to trying to please others and getting praised for it. Doing things and saying things and then expecting or hoping for human approve of what you do will create much frustration because frankly most humans don’t care that much about you daily trials and tribulations. 1,105 more words

Common Sense

Married Life

How many times do you read of the nagging woman, squawking wench, screaming shrew, bad-tempered hag, hapless harpy, temperamental wife, and all the other ways woman supposedly send men to an early grave. 256 more words



I guess I’m nagging because I care, or maybe it’s because I don’t. Whatever you’d like to think, my mind is a fast paced dark place where only my concerns for you view themselves vocally. 111 more words

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To talk or not to talk | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

In a relationship you will always have reasons to talk. In fact, without communication there is no relationship. You have to build your relationship on a strong communication. 660 more words

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Stupid questions...

My students ask stupid questions.  My “you’ll be voting in a year or two, and I fear for the future of our country” students AND my “wow, you’re really smart, and I can’t believe that would come out of your mouth” students all ask stupid questions.  788 more words


4 Reasons Men Need To Stop Dogging Their Wives!

Fellas stop dogging your wives! Ok ok ok before all of the men get in an uproar let me explain! 584 more words