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Whole 30 - day 8: The big fight

Woop woop! I survived the seven day itch.  You know, I’ve never made it past seven days in my other whole 30 attempts – big pat on the back. 519 more words


Rings and Roses, LOLA and SEGUN Episode 4


Segun had been thinking of how he was going to pull off the whole shenanigan. Lola was too difficult to please when it came to romantic gestures; her attitude made her more like wood than a woman with feelings. 1,438 more words

Rings And Roses Series

Hair Cut Prelude

I don’t know where this inspiration came from but I think it came out pretty cute. The guy ended looking like he’s wearing a baseball jersey…totally unintentional! 18 more words


Why do I love my husband?

I am a nag! Or at least I can be. That much I know about myself. I don’t mean to be, especially not to my husband but when there are q-tips all over the house or dirty socks in our foyer, it’s hard to be the dotting wife. 552 more words

About Us

Why do I put things on hold. . .

Dear Father,

Why do I put things on hold when I hate the result.  I don’t like the nagging inside, an unfinished feeling.  I fight within sometimes and try to understand why I do this to myself.   73 more words

Homework - To Nag or Not To Nag?

It was 10pm last Sunday night and I knew where my children were, two already asleep and my 12 year-old on the verge.

I went in to say goodnight and found my boy warm and mushy and wanting of hugs; which was perfect because I was exhausted, layered in my comfy pajamas and wanting to hug. 553 more words

Yup, I'm annoying. It's a talent.

My six year-old rolls around the carpet of my floor while I try to squeeze in my half hour on the elliptical and try to finish up an episode of Masters of Sex, which is now on pause because of the rolling child who is supposed to be out front with my husband and his brothers doing yard work. 542 more words