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WEEK 2: Happy happy happy

I was going to call this week “no complaining” but I thought, well, in my opinion it isn’t REALLY complaining – its opinion giving and…request making. 278 more words

Did I suffer emotional abuse?

Was it just in my head? What did he do to make me feel so bad? Was it his behaviour that was in the wrong, or just my interpretation of it? 719 more words


Be True to Yourself

I found myself praying about My ways and My actions towards my husbands “bad habits”(things guys do) that bother me so much at times. Although he is the “perfect man for me”, I found myself regularly nagging him about those things he considers “no big deal”. 181 more words


I don’t need someone who treats me like a failure. I do that pretty well myself.


cheating cloves of reincarnation

When I sit back and look at the very many episodes which took place in the sports world, I wonder. What could have gone wrong proves to be very complicated. 359 more words

Sports And Scandals

"He's Brave, He's Loyal, What Would I Ever Do Without Him?"

Men need praise. They need to hear that they are amazing and for goodness sakes, “What in the world would I do without you?!?!”

“Oh honey, what would I ever do without you?” 301 more words


Do I have to have a gentle and quiet spirit to be a Christian?

WordPress keeps its bloggers abreast of their stats, followers, and which searches led readers to their blog. We even get a little map of the world with bright colors showing us which countries our readers come from. 819 more words

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