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Relationship 101: Don't Be a Nagger

For the sake of your relationship, ladies (and gents), refrain from nagging. Time and again, I’ve seen couples break up due to lack of effective communication. 375 more words

Love And Relationships

The Question from my Heart

I wrote this like two years ago, and reading it again today, I have decided to post it. I can’t really remember in full detail what happened that made me write this, but I like the way the words are written, and the emotion I draw from the excerpt. 404 more words

My Musings

When the Little Things Feel Like Big Things....

….I’ve got to share. I actually meant to share a few days ago but I’ve been so exhausted and side tracked by a million other things. 280 more words

Family Life

Desperate housewives in Algiers

One of those rare rainy days in Algeria which means even less things to do, especially with a toddler. Two of the girls come over for lunch and we can’t help but point out how we feel our brains shrinking to the size of a peanut. 209 more words


day 652: backchats

Imagine being like a tree, just standing still solid, no reactions whatsoever. I say that because I find myself still reacting in subtle ways, still thoughts of judgments, annoyances, blames, and  858 more words

The Toilet Seat

For as long as most of us can remember, the majority of women have been nagging their husbands, boyfriends, brothers, uncles, dads etc to put the toilet seat down when they are finished in the restroom.   271 more words