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Man Killed Wife After 56 Years of Marriage Because She Was “Nagging” Him

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76-year-old Jack Lang has been charged in connection with an incident Oak Creek police said they were investigating as a murder/attempted suicide. Investigators say Lang shot and killed his wife June on Wednesday afternoon, April 16th after 56 years of marriage because she was “nagging him.”  453 more words


Good Morning...Let's Argue

Perhaps not argue, but let’s try for slight irritation and possible yelling. Yes, that’s how I like to start my mornings. There are certain things that are just routine…nagging my family into doing what they should be doing is just one of them. 292 more words


The harping of the Nag

It is bad enough when you are right but then you continue to gloat,

You harp on and on and force the fact you are right down my throat. 165 more words

A Poem

10 Things I Can't Handle

1. People breathing on me. I’m a swimmer and often after a long hard set I can feel my lane buddies cold breath on me. I can only last so long before saying something. 114 more words


1972. Eyes and Ears in Relationships

Background. Judging the behavior of others is a necessary function of life. We judge harshly when others’ actions or words make us feel bad about ourselves. 736 more words

Sex Differences

Less nagging more sex!

In my last article, I discussed how one’s sexuality can be segregated and split off from their relationship, through a lack of communication and fulfillment of one’s needs and desires. 276 more words


All in a word - April 13, 2014

Hello World!

Hello…it’s Sunday and time for an All in a word promt, bu before I give you the new word, I’d like to show you where you can read the great contributions from last weeks word: 104 more words