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Settling For 20% Of Bullshit


I met a guy through a friend of mine and he’s married with kids. Somehow I started meeting him for drinks, which turned into sex which has now turned into a relationship. 565 more words

What I learned when my son went out of cell range

For the past few weeks, my 16-year-old son has been away in the Adirondacks, working at a family-run lodge on a pristine lake ringed with tall trees and a few campsites. 679 more words

Helicopter Parenting

a nagging wife

A nagging woman,

no one can stand.

She nags from morning to night

stealing the life from her husband


He cannot go to poop in the toilet… 48 more words


It's more effective to nag God than to nag my husband

The hubs and I have been married for 15 years, and so I know (from doing the wrong thing) that nagging is not an effective motivator for him. 160 more words


WEEK 2: Happy happy happy

I was going to call this week “no complaining” but I thought, well, in my opinion it isn’t REALLY complaining – its opinion giving and…request making. 278 more words

Did I suffer emotional abuse?

Was it just in my head? What did he do to make me feel so bad? Was it his behaviour that was in the wrong, or just my interpretation of it? 719 more words