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I've invented a game changer...

I think I may invent an invention… I shall call it the “NagMaster2000″.

It will have eight buttons, each of which will have a different recording: 153 more words


Love is not Rude....

Day 5. I never actually got him to let me know 3 things that he would change about me so I brainstormed with my cousin and we picked the 3 most obvious things that he has mentioned in passing. 574 more words

A word on respect...

Ok. So it is no secret that I am clinically depressed. I have been prescribed anti-depressants (though I am of yet, not taking them) and I see a therapist twice, weekly. 1,471 more words


Blah Blah Blah

Dedicated, in the nicest possible way, to all those who make our lives hell ;)

That noise she makes
So blah blah blah
Incessant some would say… 34 more words


Random Thoughts

Random thoughts on anger and integrity… How I wish to be treated by the world and how that needs to be reflected into how I treat others…  Random thoughts about betrayal and the trail of destruction left in it’s wake…. 207 more words

Settling For 20% Of Bullshit


I met a guy through a friend of mine and he’s married with kids. Somehow I started meeting him for drinks, which turned into sex which has now turned into a relationship. 565 more words