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Nagios hosts stuck in "pending" status

Make sure each host definition has the following parameters defined:
check_command, max_check_attempts, check_interval, retry_interval, and check_period.

Some of my host definitions were very barebones, and missing a few of the above parameters. 24 more words

Monitoring services with "$" in Nagios

Use “$$” to put a $ in the command. Example:


Event Handling - restarting a unix process

When designing/building an event handling system I prefer to split the process into several scripts. There are many posts on the basics of writing event handler scripts for Nagios/Opsview/etc so I will skip over that part.  890 more words


Nagios setup on Ubuntu to monitor Windows servers

Useful setup tips for monitoring Windows servers from a Ubuntu machine running Nagios.


Important points:

Indicate port in NSclient config file
Go to the installation directory and open the nsclient.ini… 47 more words

Backup Script for Icinga/NagiosQL files and My-SQLDatabase

Hi Guys everyone heard about Nagios(a powerful opensource tool for Network and System Monitoring),icinga is a Nagios Fork with a pleasing webui and frequent bug-fixes,timely release and great dev support. 475 more words


Monitoring your servers' networking

Hopefully you are already monitoring all of your network equipment, collecting bandwidth and PPS data and checking for errors and flapping.  Today I want to talk a bit about your server side, what you need to keep an eye on and how best to do that. 351 more words


The right way to monitor a process in Unix

There are many ways that you can isolate a single process (or family of processes) , but only one correct way. Every process on every operating system has a PID (Process IDentification) code which is unique to the running process.  69 more words