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Nail clippers are a hot commodity in my house – they are both frequently needed and frequently lost. I normally purchase the cheapest ones I can find, but these often don’t do the job on toenails and end up shattering the nail. 251 more words


Klhip: Worlds Best Nail Cutter

While we men are not always happy to admit it but we do clip our nails just as much as women, or probably more. There are some products which need a design overhaul since their invention. 112 more words


How To: Get Puppy Comfortable with Nails Clipping

The first time I attempted to cut Dany’s nails was an utter failure. She started to squirm the second she felt her baby puppy paws touched. 171 more words

Something Better; Something More

Somebody asked me if I had a nail file they could borrow.


My Genius Blog Idea

I’ve had this blog domain for a year and half and I’m finally sitting down to write this morning. Why have I not started blogging before today,  you ask? 546 more words