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Sooo… I’ve gone back to receiving professional counseling, surprise, surprise.  I know some of you are thanking God, because I really needed to a long time ago, and truth be told I’m glad to get back to working on the contents of my dark, little closet again. 1,124 more words


 Think Your Feet are Ready for Spring Flings?

Your feet have had a rough winter. Imagine being cooped up in a closed cloth wrapping while temperatures drop, moisture increases and shoveling presents challenges in balance and weight management! 413 more words

Naked Nails

I have decided to have week of polish and give my nails a bit of extra TLC to get them ready for spring. I’m calling this my Nail Detox! 815 more words

Cutigel's story

Cutigel’s Story I suppose I should start by introducing myself, my name is Kerri and I am a nail technician. It took me a while to call myself that, for a period of time I have said ‘I do nails’ until I met a lovely group of business ladies and realised that yes I do own a business and yes, I am a nail technician! 544 more words

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