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I have been neglecting London and my ostensible Nairn project, so it’s back on the Victoria Line with my battered first edition.

An open letter to Danny Alexander MP.

Dear Mr Alexander,

Your position on the Scottish Independence Referendum is abundantly clear to all and in the view of many in your constituency, not in the best interests of your voters. 561 more words



In the past we have seen a hedgehog now and again, probably not even every year, and that has been in the far corners of the fields. 199 more words


Ship-building myth busted.

Another downright mis-truth by the Better Together finally put to rest, The story is published in the Daily Record today. There are hints that this publication is becoming more Indy-friendly, but be careful of the mainstream media – after its continued and parrot-like regurgitation of the same old Unionist and Better Together scare stories and in many instances, downright lies, I still see it as a threat to independence. 180 more words


A little colour to the campaign...

This one is doing the rounds…and it is of local interest. The person in this video is a well known character in Nairn and Inverness. He spent a good ten minutes hurling abuse at Yes campaigners when the stall was last out in Nairn. 135 more words


IndySants say: Go for it Scotland!

I had to share this photo which was sent to Solidarity with Scotland - a message of love and support from Barcelona.  IndySants are the activists of the Assemblea Nacional Catalana (Catalan National Assembly) in the district of Sants-Montjuïc in Barcelona.  39 more words

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It seems to me, as I read around the independence debate, that the people of many countries around the world think that voting Yes is not an issue for big debate. To them, its the logical and obvious thing to do. Winning one's independence is a really big issue, a fantastic opportunity and the Catalans (for example) would give their right arms to have the opportunity that Scotland has this September. Why are we so afraid of it? It's a question that many other nations are asking.