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Last day of work in Kenya..

Today is my last day at my current job. It’s been a great experience and I will cherish the memories I’m taking away with me. I joined when i was a young man and leave as a middle aged man. 312 more words

Goodbyes suck..

My heart is heavy with sadness. I’ve started the farewell thee well process. Bidding farewell to colleagues, family, friends. It’s always been my weakness, saying goodbye to loved ones. 260 more words

The Sistas - tea and a lake

Gary’s sister, Sandy and Linda, will be back home by now.  They came on May 30th with open minds and clear agendas, save for 2 nights at Ngerende in the Maasai Mara. 2,497 more words


This is Nairobi, too

With an estimated population of 3 million, Nairobi is a large and bustling city.

An established centre for business, culture and international politics, the city is home to the Nairobi Stock Exchange (one of the largest and busiest on the continent) and African offices for many international firms such as Google, Coca-Cola and Cisco Systems, and headquarters for the United Nations in Africa and Middle East, as well as the organization’s environment program. 137 more words

Suspended animation

Nurture or nature? That’s the question. I have always been busy. As far back as I can recall, I  liked to keep busy.  Colouring and crafts were always great back up distractions.  850 more words