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only as their hands

exist to me
only as their hands

their faces all look the same
when they want something

intimate characteristics

length of finger
cleanliness of nail bed… 24 more words

Secret Garden


won’t you hold my hand

and come with me

to areas of my mind

that no one knows exist?

Would you consider

me bright or would… 46 more words


Mikhail Shishkin's Maidenhair

Here’s my essay on a Russian and English reading of Maidenhair by Mikhail Shishkin, twice winner of the Russian Big Book Prize (sounds better in Russian). 60 more words


The Humble Canadian Takes On Wall Street

Michael Lewis, “The Wolf Hunters of Wall Street” (NYT Magazine, April 6, 2014)

I hadn’t really planned on spending any more time on Brad Katsuyama, but then the… 1,066 more words


Day 7

I think I am the exception when I am only ever the rule
Silly fool

Selfish Altruism

Earlier this week, I was outside a friend’s house, having a cigarette together at the end of our evening.  A man approached on the sidewalk, and asked us how we were doing.   1,836 more words

Are our children waking up to reality too soon?

Now more than ever, it’s hard to screen our kids from the cruelty that is going on in the world. Many will say we shouldn’t, that so is life and they should know what it’s about the sooner the better. 189 more words