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1943 Photo With Six Girls

Across the back in pencil: Mary Lee, Doris,

Ruby, Jean, Mary Jo and Jewel. They are

bunched together, a gaggle of girls, a clutch

of chicks… 187 more words


Conflicting Notions of the Value of Conflict

Typically in this space, I go to great, rambling lengths to point out and discuss matters I thoroughly disagree with. I’m a confirmed cynic, and on top of that, I tend to hold opinions that aren’t necessarily popular. 1,067 more words


Without Doubt

I lack doubt. It might seem strange to just blurt this out but I don‘t inherently doubt. Once I started to think about that this lack of doubt it began to pop up everywhere. 576 more words


Created or Conditioned

Ephesians 2:10 KJV

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them. 1,291 more words


On Nostalgia and Growing Up in The Interestings

Much of The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer was part nostalgia, part lesson in the importance of growing up.

The Interestings follows a group—Ethan, Ash, Jules, and Jonah—through important life events, beginning with the group’s meeting at summer  arts camp, Spirit-in-the-Woods, where they thrived on creativity and the desire to live their talents. 512 more words

21st Century Literature

On Heartbreak and Soul Loss

Perhaps, if you had been following along from the beginning, in the little house with the two cuddly cats (I still miss them terribly) in that quiet shaded neighborhood, you may already have predicted–or at the very least, not be surprised to learn–that I would be back again in my parents’ house, sitting at home with our beloved 15-year-old dog, broken again after more debacled essays at living; unemployed, single, hungry as a wild thing (At present, I can’t get the desire for all things chocolate out of my mind); and also hyperventilating mildly because of my antidepressant, which affects my breathing so that inhaling and exhaling and inhaling…etc. 2,152 more words

On Freakhood


Collusion Course

Is a “eureka moment” always a good thing? Is it always instantaneous? I had one that took several months to evolve and, when the light finally turned on, when the moment of clarity shown, when the flower finally bloomed, I felt like an idiot. 2,285 more words

Coming Of Age