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Naivete: n. a relatively small quantity of real experience and/or knowledge with innocent simplicity and/or honesty which makes one seem foolish

Offspring can be considered to be naïve because they lack worldly experience and are frequently very honest and don’t hide their feelings and opinions the way that many adults do. 189 more words

Common Sense


writing is finding
meaning in things
as they are

is seeing
the connection between things
that springs them from inertia

is wearing
the 3D glasses that see things… 815 more words


The Printed Page: Remote Former Schoolhouse Inspired by 'Chalk' and Naiveté

Monday, October 20, 2014, by Rachel B. Doyle

Image via Matthew Monteith/Dwell
After getting their hands on this 99-year-old house on one of Canada’;s rugged Magdalen Islands, a Quebeçois couple recruited the innovative cottage experts at YH2 Architects to convert the place from a …


When you’re a child

you expect that everything you need

will be provided,

which proves to be mostly true.

When you’re young – in love, 94 more words


I’m the fool flower
mistaking some dog’s warm piss
for a sun shower.


TOM FORD Ultra Shine Lip gloss ~ 11 NAIVETE

Reviews TOM FORD Ultra Shine Lip gloss ~ 11 NAIVETE for sale

Please take a few moments to view the TOM FORD Ultra Shine Lip gloss ~ 11 NAIVETE… 72 more words

1943 Photo With Six Girls

Across the back in pencil: Mary Lee, Doris,

Ruby, Jean, Mary Jo and Jewel. They are

bunched together, a gaggle of girls, a clutch

of chicks… 192 more words