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MH370: Oh Wait! Listen to This!

(Presenting the Prime Ministerrrrrr, no Najib is the PM, oh well, presenting the First Lady of Malaysiaaaa, errr no as well, the Queen is the First Lady of Malaysia…oh never mind. 1,643 more words


Malaysian Airlines Hijacked Russian Intelligence

Earlier the was information tha the US had the Plane hijacked and detonated an Atom Bomb.

The story had some good pointers on this.

Now there is fresh Intelligence inputs from… 457 more words



Yesterday we were informed that “threats were directed at a SC member” and apparently his body language and actions showed it as a man living under political stress. 927 more words

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No survivors: Malaysian leader says Flight 370 ended in Indian Ocean

For the latest update on our modern day Amelia Earhart mystery, the two-week long struggle to find Malaysia Airlines missing Flight 370 is one step closer to closing the case. 201 more words


PM Najib talk about Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail

PUTRAJAYA: Tuas West and Jurong East are two locations being considered for the Singapore terminal of the proposed high speed rail linking Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Monday. 455 more words

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Seluruh balai polis di Semenanjung Malaysia termasuk Sabah dan Sarawak menerima laporan berhubung kenyataan menghasut drp Rafizi Ramli di dlm buku yg bertajuk ‘REFORMASI 2.0 FAKTA KES ANWAR IBRAHIM : DIMANA INTERGRITI MAHKAMAH’. 81 more words


"U are the 1" - It's On..!!!

After many months of putting the programs together to cover the zones the “U are the 1″ Youth Carnival will kick off with the Yoyo Championships in Kuching. 64 more words

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