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I'm Going On The Naked & Afraid Diet

I should write a book about diets! It’s not that I’m actually on one, but I’m always in search of eating healthier.

In college, I did the cereal diet. 351 more words


Friday Folly: Me? Naked? Sorry, Can't Do

I like a bit of nudity. So what? I’m normal. Who doesn’t? You don’t? Go see a shrink, you prude!  A glimpse here and glimpse there to keeps the heart pumping.  447 more words


All Naked Everything: Your Guide To The Nudity-Themed Reality Show Trend

Perhaps you, like me, have been following along with television industry news and saying to yourself, “Huh, it sure seems like there are a lot of reality shows about naked people these days.” Well, if you have, there’s a good reason: there ARE a lot of reality shows about naked people these days. 1,198 more words


Botched Is The Greatest Thing To Hit TV!

With The Bachelorette moving into the Fantasy Suite this week, we’ve been meaning to discuss some of the other reality shows out there right now. 118 more words