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Don't Be Afraid Of Seeing Kristen Bell 'Naked' On 'Ellen'

Kristen Bell should be the Andy Richter to Ellen’s Conan. The last time she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, we got pretty much the… 64 more words


Snellville resident on Discovery's 'Naked and Afraid' April 20

Snellville’s Sabrina Mergenthaler, a 30-year-old stay-at-home mom of three, was dropped into the jungles of Bolivia last November without food, water or clothing for Discovery’s hottest new show “Naked and Afraid.” 728 more words


reality show starting now...dance with stars, run naked and afraid or choose to..survive.

We all love our reality shows.  Whether you Dance with Stars, run Naked and Afraid or choose to Survivor on Sunday nights (or whatever day) these shows have NOTHING on the new celebrity role you will play in your VERY own reality show.   702 more words


Naked and Afraid

I’ve posted on nudity before. No, there’s nothing wrong with me.  My wife have me checked twice a month.

It was a post on how certain human activities are just not suppose to be executed without clothes on.  931 more words


10 Reasons Why I Could Never Be on the Show "Naked and Afraid"

I bet there are approximately 2,349 reasons I should not be on this show, the most obvious being that I would be crying in the fetal position in less than 5 hours. 428 more words

Naked and Afraid

The show on Discovery Channel is quite intriguing. If you have never heard of it, you should check it out. I feel very incompetent after watching some of those survivalists…But I digress. 228 more words

Discovery Channel reveals 'Survival Live,' it's like a real-life 'Hunger Games'

Discovery Channel is putting on a real life Hunger Games. At least that’s what the network’s new show, Survival Live (WT) sounds like to me — without the killing, of course. 349 more words