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Second #Ebola Case in Dallas

Don’t get excited.

The CDC is absolutely 100% positive that this is just a one-off screw up of the kind that almost never happen when your government is in charge. 334 more words

Barack Obama

Naked and Afraid - WTF is Wrong With People?

First let me say that this is the first I have heard of this. Perhaps this has been around for awhile and I was just ignorant of its existence. 534 more words


James Franco & Seth Rogen Make Their Own "Naked And Afraid" In Pics

James Franco and Seth Rogen are best of friends. Apparently, their such good friends that they took to Instagram to do their own take on the hit show  45 more words


¿James Franco y Seth Rogen publiquen fotos desnuda: son ellos protagoniza 'Desnudo y miedo'?

James Franco y Seth Rogen — estos tipos kooky encantan correr con sus trajes de cumpleaños.

Dos semanas después de saltar de un pastel sin ropa en “The Tonight Show” Franco ha llevado a Instagram publicar fotos desnuda del dúo en el bosque, insinuando que podrían estar involucrados en un episodio de “Desnudo y miedo” para el descubrimiento. 77 more words


Are James Franco And Seth Rogen's Nude Instagram Photos From Their Own 'Naked And Afraid' Episode?

James Franco and Seth Rogen are pretty well-known for their zany media antics. Franco likes to share his poetry via Twitter, attend film festivals with… 146 more words


The Lowering of the Bar

I don’t have cable, but I see a lot of TV on the road. It is fucking troubling how much senseless shit is pumped out over the airwaves. 165 more words

Naked and Afraid ...

In the same way laws find special jurisdiction up beyond the clouds, so do my own rules. When I’m on a plane they just seem to, forgive me, fly out the window. 423 more words