Is "Blurred Lines" so bad?

So I may be a little behind the times – in fact I’m writing about something everyone is sick of hearing about – but I’ve got to put my two pence in. 499 more words


The Miley Clones

Role models are essential for the youth while they learn to mature and grow in life. Before consumerist media advertising everexisted, girls would look up to role models that made a difference in the world they lived in. 461 more words


          I have run into a problem with the mystery I have been working on. To try to work it out I went back to working on my coming-of-age novel. 931 more words

Double Sided Naked Girl Wrapping Paper

Here’s some creative wrapping paper for you: it’s boring on the outside, and covered in naked ladies on the inside!

Suck UK Girls Raunchy Wrap… 37 more words