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To shave or not to shave

Me, I like to shave. I used to just trim and keep my pubic hair neat but more often than not now I take it all off and keep it smooth. 293 more words


A nude weekend

just got home from a weekend away camping at a nude-site. wow! best weekend camping ever, so much fun and so much nudity!

It was a bit of an informal campsite but its in a beautiful valley, I took my clothes off at 2pm on friday and only put them back on again this lunchtime to come home, such a liberating feeling to be clothes free for the whole weekend. 152 more words


Thinking about it...

Thinking of taking another stroll later on, enjoyed the other night’s walk so much I fancy doing another!

anyone care to join me?!


nude beach walk

Well, pretty much as per the title…. if you read of follow my blog you will know how fond I am of being naked and that I’m pretty casual on being seen in the nude but some times are more memorable than others, the nude bike ride was pretty spectacular but another great walk that stands out was on a beach in Thailand, just North of Phuket… 462 more words


Midnight strolling

To top off my perfect day I have just been out for a nice long walk, naked of course. Didn’t see anyone and I don’t think anyone saw me, perfect! 348 more words


Skinny dipping!

Well, it would be rude not to post a skinny dipping photo wouldnt it?!


Penis size and being naked

First things first, his isn’t a post sensationalising having a big or a small dick and waving it about, there are other websites for that… It’s more about the average mans fear of getting naked and the worry that he has a little willy or that people will laugh, hopefully it will encourage people to realise that fear of size doesn’t need to hold you back from enjoying nudity! 441 more words