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Body shape and nudity, my story

This is a touchy subject for a lot of people, whether they are open about it or not I want to tell everyone, your shape doesn’t matter, get naked, be free, no matter you think you aren’t perfect! 289 more words


Nude challenges

I’m not really content to just be naked sometimes, I like to set myself challenges to attempt, places to go, things to do etc, I’m always thinking of new and fun things to try, sometimes they work out well and other times I have ended up being terribly humiliated! 378 more words


Nudist? Naturist? Exhibitionist?

If you browse the internet for long enough you might find a multitude of names given to people who like to be naked, I puzzled and pondered for a long time what name I should have as a person who enjoys being nude. 397 more words


Naked beginning

I can’t remember when I first had the urges to be nude, it was certainly a long time ago, as a kid I think I shocked my neighbourhood by riding a bike up and down the street with no clothes on. 256 more words


Being 'seen'

Being naked is one thing but the first time you are ‘seen’ naked is quite another thing! The first time I was seen nude (as an adult) was in the dead of the night in the middle of winter, I had revved myself up to go outside my house for a nude stroll and finally after hours I plucked up the courage, removed my clothes and stepped out into the cold night air, it was probably midnight or 1am and I really didn’t expect to see anyone. 269 more words


Being an exhibitionist.....

Q: tell us why you like being naked.

A: the feeling of total freedom!

Q: do you like people to see you nude?

A: yes and no, I like the idea but it’s really scary. 93 more words