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Being brave...

I though it was time for a little test of my bravery, with the decline in the weather recently the fields have been a little too wet under foot to get out much on my normal ‘safe’ routes and I have been craving my nude fix, it’s madness but the tranquility and inner peace I get from being nude is something I find difficult to convey and I only notice it when I haven’t been able to be free and wild for a little bit. 380 more words

Nude appearance

I recently read on another bloggers site a fun post about appearance and nudity, they opened with something along the lines of “the only people who care about their appearance nude are pornstars”! 367 more words

Nude drive

The weather here is bad, real bad… It’s way too wet to go walking around in the fields so I’m thinking of taking a nude drive, I’ve only done it a couple of times before but never from my home! 30 more words


Always a hot topic amongst people who get nude, nudists and naturists detest the negative connotations that go along with the stereotypical ‘pervy flasher’ or the ‘beach ball tittied attention whore’ really I don’t blame ANYONE for not wanting to be associated with that but secretly, I mean really deep down, down we all crave a little attention? 285 more words

Need a (new) challenge

I need a fix, I’ve not been out nude for a while now, since my last post in fact and I need a new challenge, I want to go somewhere new, do something naked… 176 more words


Starting out, commitment is a difficult thing. committing to being nude is hard, I used to carry a bag with emergency clothes in or hide a stash of clothes. 263 more words

More nude fun!

The weather has really turned cool in the last week or so, good thing my favourite time to be nude is when the temperatures drop! As the autumn is now in full swing I took a short camping trip with a friend, was intended to be just a couple of days away enjoying the countryside and a bit of good company. 804 more words