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Fairy Garden Friday: "Naked Ladies"

These flowers are referred to as “Naked Ladies” or “Surprise Lillies” because the green parts come up in the Spring and the flower comes up without the green base in July.  15 more words


Staring into the campfire of motherhood

We drifted across 3 state lines and found ourselves back in Colorado for an autumn equinox, a timely escape, and to catch our breath. Sometimes to get perspective of your life you need to take on a bigger view of it, step out of it, look at it from above (from the side, or even from below)….Just get out of it. 572 more words

Naked Ladies!

No, it’s not what you think! I am going to post some flower pictures, not the other kind!

This is a ring of Belladonna lilies, or what are commonly known as “Surprise Lilies” or “Johnny Jump-Ups”. 173 more words


'I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way'

Summer’s almost over. (And if you’re a parent, then like me, no doubt you’ll be breathing some kind of sigh of relief, followed by a sharp intake of breath handing over your debit card in the School Uniform Shop/Clarkes.). 1,290 more words