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Guys Recreate Kim Kardashian's Butt Photo!

Oh men! It doesn’t get much funnier when men do their stuff. A video i found on youtube where guys recreate the sensationally exposed butt of Kim Kardashian, for your amusement. 10 more words


When You Know You're A New Yorker

¬†Once again I was lost in Brooklyn in a state of panic late for a job. My work has been spotty to put it nicely, so I can’t afford to piss anybody off by waltzing in like Kate Moss. 306 more words


The Streak, Part II

Note: Click here to read the first part of this story.

Sharon paused in the midst of comforting me as I lay sprawled on the skating rink floor, not quite certain that she had heard me correctly. 3,133 more words


The Streak, Part I

Summer, 1974.

Or thereabouts. It was either that summer or the next, making me either 9 or 10 years old. The exact time frame is a little hazy, but I remember a certain song playing on the radio all summer. 2,266 more words


Behind the scenes at the Naked Gardening Calendar shoot

I’m sure you remember the Calendar Girls.. then, we saw firemen, marines, even rowers.. but somehow gardeners hadn’t de-clothed for charity yet. So, I’d been hatching a little plan for a few years, eyeing up a range of horticulturists who might be up for it… and more importantly, trying to find the right charity to work with. 440 more words


Naked Book Club: Now this should be interesting

Let it not be said that I don’t go all out for my readers.

I was asked if the rumour was true that a naked book club in Toronto was going to read and discuss my novel, … 70 more words