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Naked woman gets stuck in ex-boyfriend’s chimney

A crazed California woman stripped naked and tried to slide down her baby-daddy’s chimney — but wound up getting stuck for two hours before firefighters rescued her. Find out more HERE

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Adam says no more (chapter LXXXVII)

It was the end of October when old Mr. Me went to the capital with May Linh and the kid and it was very nice weather there, neither too hot nor too rainy. 1,371 more words

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Culture Vulture

There has to be a bit of culture mixed in with all this fun!  The whole aim is to get me doing things I have never done before or visit places I have never been too.  486 more words


Adam’s last grand tour of the planet (chapter LXXXV)

Old Mr. Me was now living, without a contract, with May Linh up in the mountains of this Southeastern Asian country. I was still giving her money every month though and it all went into her school. 2,527 more words

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December 2001

When I remember that time it’s kind of blurry… A lot of new pain, the self realisation that I’m going to be soon old and sick (just discovered I had the diabethes) and very probably neither rich nor famous, the growing up of the children, teenagers now, each of them with his own life and problems, a physical job which payed some bills but gave me no satisfaction… In a word: mid-life crysis. 197 more words


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Adam rides north, reaches the last frontier (chapter LXXXIII)

When old Mr. Me retired here, in this always warm southeastern Asian country, I had a house by the beach and May Linh and Lily, and Maggie later, came to live there with me. 2,638 more words

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