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May Linh gets busy, Adam sits still (chapter XXIII - am)

May Linh had accepted my contract and was now living with me, in the nude, at my secluded house by the beach in some constantly warm, when not hot, Southeastern Asian country. 1,231 more words

Adam says May Linh’s body is a music score sheet (chapter XXII)

I woke up jumping. There were a bunch of guys arguing loudly in their language up there by the garage. May Linh was not in bed. 2,421 more words

Adam wonders if those rubber boots are going to walk right over him (chapter XXI)

I woke up and I didn’t know what time it was and that was perfect. Because it meant I was at home and it didn’t matter to nobody at what time I woke up. 1,921 more words

Adam says what kind of delivery is this? (chapter XVIII)

I was pissed off at myself. Why did I have to get here so fast? May Linh said the 3:45 pm train, it was 1:30!!! And I was already in the train station. 1,080 more words

Adam says I’m afloat and that the most I can hope for (chapter XVII)

I had been driving all day, since early this morning, from the capital city of this Southeastern Asian country back to my house by the beach. 1,525 more words

Adam draws a contract for May Linh (Chapter XVI)

For all its worth, a contract is a contract. I didn’t know if, in case of troubles, this one would stand in court but at least it gives the terms under which I intended to live in my house by the ocean in this Southeastern Asian country surrounded by three Asian ladies living in the nude. 743 more words

Adam says what’s up doc! (chapter XV)

Ding dong. Fuck, fuck, fuck. It was 10 am sharp. Last night, after May Linh, the best candidate so far for my plan to hire Asian women to live naked with me, had left, I had spent the evening drinking beer on the terrace of this sixth floor terrace in the capital city of this Southeastern Asian country before crashing in bed. 1,815 more words