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Does anyone really believe that Keira Knightley posed topless to make a feminist statement?

My latest blog post for the Los Angeles Times:

Baring one’s breasts to make a statement is all the rage these days. Comedian Chelsea Handler posted a photo on Instagram of her topless self astride a horse to make the point that if Vladimir Putin can ride shirtless, so can she.

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The female change rooms and showers in Dalplex are populated by naked women, blithely lathering themselves, tugging underwear and swimsuits on and off. Boobs swing about freely, dimply, pimply thighs and arms move about. 418 more words

The Sarethian Seven

A side story to accompany Aura Lockhaven …

Enorra, Noishante, Coravanne, Iryndelle, Lunambyra, Tannerra, and Yveramore. Beautiful, practically naked, lascivious … lethal. They were the daughters of seven counts of the small, luxurious country of Saporia. 213 more words


Adam feels blue and it’s not the color of the sky (chapter LXIV)

“Who is Mrs. Wan?” asked Lily. I could hear some worries in her voice. She must have seen May Linh blanched and seen the seriousness on my face when I told them I had just gotten a call from Mrs. 1,584 more words

Adam Says

Lily probes Adam’s secret thoughts (chapter LXI)

For a few months now, May Linh and Lily had been living, by contract, in the nude in old Mr. Me’s house by the beach in this always warm southeastern Asian country and we somehow learned how to live together. 1,927 more words

Adam Says

Stop Conforming Women

Detached as define by Dictionary.com is being “separated or disconnected, in particular.”

Women need to understand that sexiness is not about being naked, neither is it “the” way of getting the attention of Mr. 256 more words

Gender Equality

Nudie Tees

Outlets selling “nude” lady golf tees, molded without a head or arms, have been criticized over claims they promote “violence against women.”

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