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Sherlock quote of the day - Oh John what are you looking at on your computer?!

If I were to look at naked women I’d borrow John’s laptop.” – Sherlock, A Scandal in Belgravia

Yeah so here’s another Sherlock quote, and now we know what John has on his computer – but then again you can’t hide anything from the great Sherlock Holmes :)


Adam says this is a Sunday to remember (chapter XXXVI)

It had already been the longest day or so it seemed although really Lily had arrived only few hours ago. And there were now two beautiful nude women in my house by the beach in this warm Southeastern Asian country. 1,907 more words

Adam Says

Beautiful Black Woman

Apologies for such a generic title, but what else could I call this woman whose photo I found on Pinterest last night? Her waist-to-hip ratio is… 24 more words


Adam condones May Linh’s bossiness (chapter XXXV)

So I was in the kitchen in order to fix drinks for the three of us, May Linh, whom I knew for about a month, Lily whom I knew for two or three hours maybe, and me, whom I’ve known for ever. 2,168 more words

Adam Says

Adam and May Linh are the talk of the town (chapter XXVIII)

May Linh had agreed by contract to live nude, and more, around my house by the beach in this Southeaster Asian country. And for three weeks now, we had learned to share the space next, but with, each other; I knew more now about classical music than I ever did, she knows now how to swim. 1,574 more words

Adam Says

Adam thinks there’s nothing better than a hot piece of tail (chapter XXVII)

It was Sunday now and we were at the train station. May Linh train was to arrive in 15 minutes. For the past two days, since we know of this deadline, even the most usual things have been feeling weird. 1,682 more words

Adam Says

Adam feels like a merman in the water (chapter XXIV)

So I knew now there were three weeks only and two were gone already, more or less. May Linh had been living with me, as a roommate so to speak, in the secluded place by the ocean in that Southeastern Asian country that I had bought for this purpose. 2,023 more words

Adam Says