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The night quivered,
wishing clouds would hide her nakedness.
But the eyes still stared.
Seeking a light
to undress her darkness.
Trying to strip the final cover of day. 8 more words


So Nude that you’re Naked

I was raised in a naked household. As the daughter of country hippies living in a forgiving climate, I had the freedom as a child to shed my clothes whenever I wanted. 661 more words


Nudity and the Devil.

Have you ever seen someone eat while they’re naked? I have. Not expressly for the purposes of watching someone eat whilst naked, I’m not quite that open-minded, more that I just saw it while it happened, and it fascinated me. 591 more words


Birthmarks & Living Naked

“What is stopping me from being naked right now?” I asked myself in various environments over the past week. Originally, I decided that my view on nudity was quite boring. 973 more words


Haiku ~ 1/15/15

Winter sky mourning

Standing strong in nakedness

Faith will be restored





His Fallen Angel

His fallen angel

Bound to him

By fate

Her nakedness

Cloaked in

His adoration

Photo taken from Pinterest