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She is released

“In later years this
is the one memory he
wishes would go away and
not come back. And the
reason he cannot bear her
dying is not the loss of her… 42 more words



Who told you you were naked?

No one told you.

In a single strange moment,

the colored moving world welled up

into the colored moving world… 169 more words

Nudity is OK, as Long as it's Tasteful

I was reading an article in the New York Times the other day about nudist colonies in Croatia, and it struck me. I am getting more comfortable being naked. 454 more words


The Naked Wangle


The He-Wangle Grogola planned to have a shower.

He took himself to the rocky shelf above a mountain stream that trickled and wriggled musically down the mountainside from the snowy peak – still snowy in June, but then it would be snowy all year round, it always was – stripped off his clothes until he was as naked as the day he’d been born, and stretched under the sun. 694 more words


A tenderness of affecting love

Poem #37
Written for Jo Bell’s 52: Write a poem a week and the theme is …water


Oh blanket of seeping life
how it flows ‘pon thine sunrisen earth… 158 more words


My first time at a nudist camp

My first time at a nudist camp was, sadly, also my last. Back then, I was a single guy enjoying nudity at home, in my flat where I stayed during college years, or on occasional hikes in fairly secluded parts of the area where I lived. 860 more words