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Sororities and naked men

What’s the thing about those two?

Today I witnessed when young people, all probably around 20 to 25, were excited about doing the most humiliating and absurd things, and I have no idea WHY. 190 more words

Naked Illusion of Reflection

What is truth but our own interpretation of chaos? How can we know more than the instinctive beasts about objective reality? Does not the folly of our conscious mathematics of the soul add confusion before clarity; fog before acuity? 196 more words

Modesty, Decency and Maturity … A Common Sense Perspective

Note: This Post is written in my heart and head format…Words from my heart are written normally, the ones from my head are written in block quotes..

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Aligning my naked selves

Many years ago, I stripped off once a week and, totally unashamed, leapt upon a bench in order to pose for a pottery class; it seemed such a natural, and lovely, thing to do – felt like rediscovering  the innocence of a child, but with the added knowledge that I was desirable. 386 more words


Why? (A Question for Non-Naturists)

I was driving down the street, on a very hot day, and thought to myself “why?” Why is the nude body so offensive? Why is nudity so shocking? 273 more words


On Nakedness

Last month, ESPN The Magazine‘s annual Body issue came out. I didn’t know ESPN The Magazine had an annual Body issue (I was only vaguely aware there was an… 700 more words


#TBTB #TBT - "A Note on Modesty"


And all the hipsters say, “Ew, gross.”

Yet the Christian knows that the Bible addresses everything in order for us to live in a way that pleases God. 36 more words