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The Dressing Woman

I’ve said for a while now, among my pondering friends, that nude women have a limited power to fascinate. Ideally, I do not believe that society should be forced to wear clothing, as it was first and merely a device to protect from inclement weather and injury. 457 more words

Human Behaviour

Genesis Through the Lens of Shame Part III

After the story of Cain and Abel Genesis skips forward in time through the use of genealogies. As a reader, my shame ego looks over my shoulder when I reach the genealogies in Genesis. 578 more words


Nudity, Sex & Filth

I spotted these two quotes on a facebook page (berlin-artparasites) and they got me thinking so I thought them worthwhile sharing:

“I think that people are so weird about nudity & the human body. 287 more words


Nuptials & Nudity or How I Spent My Saturday

Weddings are weird. Every time I go to a wedding I feel like I’m an anthropologist doing a field study into the mating rituals of the wild animals known as ‘humans’. 3,035 more words


Genesis 3

Opening Statement: I am writing to express my thoughts and questions about what is written in the Bible. These thoughts do not reduce or eliminate my belief in God or that of Jesus and Christianity, but rather they illustrate my honest thoughts and struggles with understanding the Bible as written and show my desire to have a fuller understanding. 1,102 more words

Bible Thoughts And Questions

I can see in the dark, 7th December 2014

I can see in the dark…………. everyone can of course who can see, as long as there’s a smidgen of light……… the longer you look into the dark the more things that weren’t moving suddenly start to move….. 232 more words