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Her Impenetrable Beauty

Her beauty created a harmonic field between our gazes. No, it was not that at all but it felt like her dance upon my soul was more explicable as the cadence of a piano expounding nought but truth. 299 more words

The Hour of Starkness

Void of nature’s dress

their limbs entwined

like a lover’s dance

in the starkness of dawn.



I gotta start with a little story.  My friends Nick and Elizabeth used to live in a yurt in Prescott, Arizona. They lived below some folks who had a little boy, I think I remember his name to be Henry. 1,010 more words

Dispatches From The Dolphin

Prayer 42: oddities from Isaiah and Jesus

Dear God

Today I read in the bible about Isaiah going around naked just to demonstrate a prophecy, and Jesus being really rather rude to the host at a dinner party to try to get His point across. 81 more words


The Road Trip to Mysore cancelled and popped cherry of my friend’s girlfriend

Hi All, This is Akshay Ganna again. I am 36 years old and have a very nice 6 feet tall athletic body. I hope you have enjoyed all my previous stories. 5,409 more words

Akshay Ganna

Washing My daughter - A Father's Dilemma

When I was growing up, I don’t remember my dad bathing me or feeding me. Probably I was too young to notice or probably it did not happen. 656 more words

A Fathers Journey