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A little thing we call..Life

Life. We get so caught up in the busyness of it all. Gotta go here..get that done, don’t forget this..that.. the other thing. Too often we find ourselves in the whirlwind of hurried schedules with no end in sight. 235 more words

Family Time

I Am White

I am white, privileged they say. I am so much more than my skin color and so are you. I never refer to myself as white except on forms, and it’s uncomfortable to me to talk about race because I prefer to think of us all as humans, part of the human race. 537 more words


“I believe much trouble and blood would be saved if we opened our hearts more.” – Chief Joseph

Last night I checked my Facebook around 9 PM and read an update from a friend regarding looting, and another update expressing concern for the police.

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Indian Tradition In 5 Short Lessons

Learning any tradition takes a lifetime, not in any

limited numbers of steps.

Learning Indian tradition in 5 lessons is actually a

random list of things as seen by a visitor and ways… 602 more words


Calgary's first co-ed naked yoga class is for body confidence, not a steamy practice

You’ve heard of naked yoga, the bare-all activity that swept the nation in whispers, piquing the curiosity of downward dog newcomers and seasoned warrior pose veterans. 222 more words


people-watching during yoga (i couldn't help it!)

Thanks to Heather Hurd‘s (@yummysushipjs) awesome yoga whenever you can wherever you are picture, I decided to go to a yoga class today. It’s been awhile, but thanks to an impulse Groupon purchase back in September, I now have to attend 30 sessions in the next 100 days. 424 more words

General Observations

My Eyes

Today has been a wonderful day.  Lots of obstacles if you want to look at them like that but I prefer to call them blessings.  This weekend has been full of blessings. 310 more words