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Namaste Mother F**kers!

These two fun, pretty blondes are smart and savvy. Ilana went to undergrad, grad school and completed her residency in LA to become a clinical pharmacist; while Mari went to Indiana University and three years following college lived in New York City and is now in advertising. 292 more words


"N" is for...

Namaste is a form of respect, often said as a customary greeting when coming together or a farewell upon parting, commonly used by the people in  South Asia, as well as in the Yoga community.   186 more words

Faith And Spirituality



i want to nap
in the pile. plush
throwback hall
runner persian
dream sequences
scatter with a slap
and from a sitting
position reemerge…

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the signal

 the signal

sometimes that beep
is your competition
horning for position,
top heat.
but sometimes the beep’s
your reverse gear’s
mating signal
spreading cheeks
for a victim’s collision.

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poetry is..

slamming napalm
turbo fused and traveling
at blood neck speed
through the carotid
clear down my venial family tree
of dead end streets…

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