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The Paperwork of the Children of God

One of the cornerstones of what I do, Reader, is finance.  Trust me, never in a million years would I have thought I’d end up with a finance job, but I’m in charge of keeping track of and dishing out the money for my department. 1,082 more words

The Art of Indian Hair Oiling

I’ve spent the last seven summers traveling much of the Middle East. As I was staying in Qatar, I realized my hair was falling out more than normal and that the ends were getting dry and brittle. 632 more words


Poem - Space inside

As if God
can be reduced
to things.

God is the
space between

God is the
space between

The atoms,
the neurons,
the quarks, … 62 more words


Clear your mind

How to clear your mind in 15 minutes  :

  • 5 minutes of any physical activity
  • 4 minutes of gratitude
  • 3 minutes of meditation
  • 2 minutes of silence
  • 1 minute of deep breathing 

Reading is Fundamental....

Today has been a beautiful day. Peace has filled it. All praise to the Creator for this day, the ones previous, and the ones that will follow.  114 more words

Embracing Your Light