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Namaste...and laughter

Today out of the blue I got a text message from my mother saying that she had signed us up to attend a yoga class. I had to read the message twice to make sure I understood correctly, Yoga huh? 593 more words

Quest to find inner peace...

As life continues to batter my weary hulls, I continue to find relief thru artistic creativity.  I am still trying to find the perfect abstract that reflects that.   23 more words

No More Fears

What do you fear? This is a very important question to ask yourself, especially with the start of a new School year. I mean, let’s be honest for a moment. 286 more words

Magnetic love

Do you know what I think? I think that for a million lifetimes before this one, and for a million lifetimes after this one, our souls will find each other. 160 more words

How Yoga Prepared me for Life

When people think of yoga, many picture a room of meditative, bendy, hippie-vegans sitting crossed-legged in a room. If you take a class, you’ll come to find there are a lot of options that range from a fast flow with intense heat to pure meditation and completely restorative. 888 more words

Yoga is for Skinny People

It’s been four days since I last (and first) went to the gym. I took what is called a Body Pump class and let me tell ya, it kicked my ass. 561 more words


A Little Namaste

Sometimes when things are falling apart and life feels chaotic – you just need a little namaste.

Yoga is my therapy – and my happy place.