The Supreme People's Court Releases 7 Typical Cases of Judicial Misbehavior

On 15 April, the Supreme People’s Court (Court) issued its latest model (or in this case, (all too typical cases): 7 typical cases of judicial misbehavior. 653 more words

Supreme People's Court

Of Practice and Name Calling "07/03/14"

On Monday the 2nd March 2014 We had our initial band practice. It was hectic spontaneous and a hell of a lot of fun. We got a feel for each others music tastes and what we want to get out of the band. 98 more words

لبنان: التسمية و التشهير هو واجب

Note: this piece is a translation of Eye on the East’s previous post “Lebanon: ‘Naming and Shaming’ as a Duty.”  The below Arabic version was published in the March 1-6 2014 issue of Zahle weekly… 8 more words