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Never Too Old For Being Called Names...

So I was up early & walked to the store to get some ‘game day’ groceries. On my way home one of my neighbors that I hadn’t met yet was behind me so I thought I would introduce myself. 481 more words

The Bully & The Geek. (Cameron & Milliband

Everyone can remember the school bully, the individual who’d pick on anyone different. This difference could be because the victim was tall, short, skinny or fat. 280 more words


High School Differences.

A topic came up in a writing group I’m a member of, and it got me thinking.

Someone asked how to get send out from class, and there were a lot of replies in the likes of “correct your teacher if they’re wrong”, and some replies that plays on clever/witty remarks. 1,315 more words


Stop Bullying

You look at me, Like I am weak-a fragile piece
You ignore my voice and turn away
Only to come back, To kick me on my guts and call me names. 233 more words

Blog topic #11 {critics on girls for the way they dress- people calling them sluts}

So my next blog was suggested by one of my followers.
The topic I was suggested is- “critics on girls for the way try dress- people calling them sluts” 389 more words

Sh'vat 1

I guess there’s nothing surprising about the fact that the situations in France and Nigeria made me cry. Everyone was upset – the world over. The situations have been horrifying and while now, the horror is settling to a dull, resigned ache, it is still there. 1,329 more words