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Bad name

Empty corridors
Forever waiting;

Abandoned corners
Always suffocating;

Unknown shadows
Looking for a name;

Forbidden narrows
And the constant blame.

A life full of suffering… 168 more words


Curse Words and Other Names to Call a Divorce Lawyer. (*#%$#&...and some Hate)

About half of all the people I come into contact with end up hating me…

I don’t think this bothers me, though. It suits my personality. 248 more words


Bengals Coach Calls Browns QB Johnny Manziel a "Midget," Later Apologizes

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) – Cincinnati Bengal’s Head Coach Marvin Lewis does not seem worried about who will be under center for Cleveland this Sunday.

When asked if he would two game plans ready against Cleveland, Lewis was clear that it does not matter who is playing quarterback.“That doesn’t impact you at all,” Lewis said in an interview on 700 WLW. 119 more words


"I am Not A Baby!" - How To Help Your Child Handle Teasing

“I am Not A Baby!” This is perhaps the most repeated phrase I hear from my five-year old daughter on a daily basis.

Teasing, when done in a friendly way can be taken lightly, and we should actually encourage our kids not to be too sensitive and uptight, learn to take a joke in good strides. 511 more words

Mom Talk

Ways to win the argument and lose the relationship

By David Joel Miller

The way you fight may permanently damage your relationships

Some couples argue and then they make up. Other couples do so much damage when they argue that the relationship is permanently damaged. 965 more words