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Half Right.........

There are some nice gems in here re debate, communication, individual & group identities. Well worth a read.


“…lack of self-awareness, lack of information or understanding, islands of emotionalism or impulsivity, unexamined biases, self-affirming rationalizations…” Dr. Joy Bliss



Once when arguing with someone close to me, I told her “you´re so stupid!” She answered back telling me that she was not, and explained to me why. 302 more words

That Guy

You never want to be That GuyIf at all possible it’s best to be This Guy. That Guy, you know him as the jerk who cuts you off on the freeway, or backs into your trash can on trash day, maybe he takes cuts in line at the amusement park while you’re in line with your kids, or you might have watched as he did any number of things that earn him the title… 787 more words


Behavior in raids - bullying and verbal abuse

Bullying seems to be all too common among gamers today as well as all sorts of verbal abuse. Anonymity is like a motivator to release all kinds of venom in gaming chat channels and it feels like it has gotten steadily worse and worse. 350 more words

Game Diary

Building Character

For writers, it’s very often the character who comes to them before they even have an idea. It’s like the protagonist is just suddenly there, knocking on our imagination calling,  982 more words


Jerk to lunatic

RECENTLY, I  was labeled a jerk by someone who holds political opinions that differ from mine. This type of name-calling has become all too common by extremists of both left and right. 325 more words