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trolling friends - interaction on social media

I have been somewhat transfixed and simultaneously baffled by my Facebook feed this morning.

Anyone who isn’t currently residing under a rock is aware of the events in Ferguson, MO. 584 more words

Maisha "Life"

The Pixie Cut

When I decided to chop off my long hair, I was so nervous I nearly puked.

I had never cut my hair so short before. Maybe I’d gone to a short bob several times, but I haven’t had pixie short hair since I was a baby. 692 more words


Critical Thinking

No this isn’t going to be a post about education and how schools need to focus less on tests and more on teaching critical thinking skills. 1,065 more words

General Thoughts

To Break or to Build...An Experiment with Words

Words are so incredibly powerful.

Psychologists have been theorizing and telling clients for a long time now that words have power. Words that we say to ourselves have the power to shape our destiny. 605 more words

Our Adventures

The Loudest Legacy

A child can be referred to as many things- “a handful,” “a tax-deduction,” “an annoyance,” “another mouth to feed,” “an accident,” and on and on. Parents may never give their children any of these derogatory labels, but actions have megaphones. 299 more words


A Day Late, A Dollar Short

So there’s this post about lateness making the rounds on social media. It’s met with cheers of agreement by chronic on-timers. It’s not just talking about being late, but the people who are late. 751 more words