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Whose Are Bigger? (sorta/really NSFW mini-rant)

Woke this morning, feeling sluggish, not looking to jump into writing, so I cruised FB groups (like you do). I found a mini-drama-queen rant (by the poster’s own admission) that castigated the replacement of worthy, intelligent authorial discussions amongst group members into promos featuring bad grammar and … truly dreadful indie titles. 152 more words


And There He Keeps Himself

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

ate a pumpkin . . .


just once

just one damn pumpkin

that’s all

it wasn’t even good


that’s all it takes… 59 more words


Fail Friday - Why Teachers Are Dicks

Humour is one of the greatest weapons a teacher can have in their behavioural management armoury. The ability to make a wise crack in a situation that could otherwise turn nasty, or to administer a quick-witted yet good-natured put down to lightly point out a student’s daftness can be the difference between you finishing a class grinning like a Cheshire cat or having screamed yourself hoarse in the fashion of Ron Burgundy in his glass cage of emotion. 1,919 more words

Writing For Fun


It’s been more than a week since I’ve added to this column. My procrastination has not been because I’m tired of it, or have nothing to write about. 943 more words

Mothers Rant, Saviors Save

Your kid is a jerk.
He called my kid retarded again,
He made fun of his feet again,
She probably said something about his teeth again, 153 more words


Name Calling

“Rubbermouth.” As in,” Hey, Rubbermouth, can’t you ever be quiet?!”

That is what my father would say and I laughed thinking it was a funny name. 379 more words