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First Days of School

Attached is an icebreaker activity I tried with Grades 1/2, 3/4, and 7/8. Also, attached is a classroom management contract.

All of My Classmates

Class Mgmt Contract

Grade 1-4 Management

Unit And Lesson Plans

The Name Game Explained

Recent research here in Canada shows that the income tax, and all other statutory law, is imposed upon basis of  the ‘property right’, and that property right is the property right of the corporate Crown in Canada, and corporate State (be it a State or the UNITED STATES) in the USA. 6,211 more words

Common Law

And the baby bump begins...

Now that’s a bump! Last week my baby bump made it’s official debut and it became clear that my skinny jeans were: a) not so skinny, and, b) so tight they were squishing my little baby. 370 more words

Getting Started

Welcome to English 1100, Maker Comp!

Improv:  Name Game (15 minutes)

Brief Course Overview (15 minutes)

Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  104 more words

Abbott and Costello get bombed at the Boston Marathon!

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Max Malone

a different perspective

For the moment, let’s say you’re driving down a two-lane highway at night when, off to the side, your headlights pick up a misshapen bundle. You slow down to get a better look at whatever’s laying there, something that’s almost certainly dead, when, suddenly, part of the bundle shakes itself loose and skitters away into the dark… 1,064 more words

The Quarry Farm