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Abbott and Costello get bombed at the Boston Marathon!

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a different perspective

For the moment, let’s say you’re driving down a two-lane highway at night when, off to the side, your headlights pick up a misshapen bundle. You slow down to get a better look at whatever’s laying there, something that’s almost certainly dead, when, suddenly, part of the bundle shakes itself loose and skitters away into the dark… 1,064 more words

The Quarry Farm

Who Wins in the Name Game? | The Atlantic

I was at a party for Bastille Day in Paris a few years back, and we were leaning over the balcony to watch the fireworks. A cute French girl sat next to me, but after a few flirty glances the moment was entirely ruined with the most basic of interactions: “What’s your name?” she asked in French. 117 more words

News Reader

Oh Danny Boy

Thomas and I are on the topic of names, and I point out how I think Danny is a stupid name. He is offended and mentions that he has a cousin named Danny. 179 more words

What's in a Name?

So being 5 months preggers…wait…did I just drop that bomb for the first time on HWL?

Yep, it’s true!

Not that it’s really a bomb, as most of you who read the blog know us, but it’s still worth noting it’s the first time said here! 637 more words