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Super Short Stories: They Call Me Marcus

They call me Marcus. That’s not my name, but that’s what they call me. They have their reasons.


American Notes: A Man Called EW

I met a man called EW. He helped take my bags to my hotel room. I assumed, at first, that his name-tag showed his initials, but no, EW was his full name; it initialized nothing, though the name EW is pronounced E.W. 52 more words


Patron Saint of Motherly Love

I live to love. I live to serve. I live to take care of other people. And I love to make others feel loved. I love to serve others the love I am desperate to receive myself. 360 more words


Working with Ranges

One of the things that threw me when I first started out using VBA was the many different ways you could select a range. So, I thought I’d list a few examples here to give you and understanding of how they might be used and how they differ. 689 more words


First Attempts at Writing

At only 3 years and 5 days old, my daughter attempted to write her name for the first time. I didn’t help her other than asking her to copy me. 23 more words