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10.20.14, 12:57 AM

Name sounds like Vulcan. Curious, curious. Not a trek fan, only seen the newest movies. (Amused but unimpressed.)

Why the name?

Just a thought.

Symbolism? Pulled it from the first book on my shelf. 19 more words


What's in a Name?

StochasticEuphoria At first glance it looks like a word puzzle. Just random letters scrambled together whose mere presence is intimidating. Trying to pronounce it is a mouthful and ends up sounding more like a question than anything else. 261 more words


Six Haikus About The Night You Said My My Name

Chalk against your teeth
Hurricane within your chest
Sand stuck to your lips

Glasses with water
Broken backs against the wood
Health dichotomy

Parting of red lips… 47 more words

Oct 12, 2014

“I am who I am” -Book of Exodus. It is the name God gives to himself when asked who he is. Upon first glance the name appears to be utter nonsense. 705 more words

My Kemetic Name

i just received my Kemetic (egyptian) name based on my incarnation objective. 

Rekhita Menankht – a female who lives with firm corrections by cultivating and maintaining health of the life force


Robin Hood

Hey, who said Robin Hood has to be a boy? This name could just as easily fit a girl.


Random / Varia

Travel Snapshot: (Raphael) Chinese Designer in Rome

When out with Madeleine in Rome, near the Colliseum, we saw this man designing names with a Chinese theme on a strip of paper. There wasn’t a long queue, and he said it wouldn’t take long so I thought, why not?   17 more words

Alex Raphael