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What should I name my next book with this plot?

Keshav, his friend and assistant Vivan, and WBP
detective Nivedita are united in Delhi for an interesting mystery/ thriller. Keshav has been hired by art director at the… 173 more words


#2 Choose your name

It ain’t what they call you; it’s who you answer to.”

– W.C.Fields


It’s given, never taken,

Hardly changed and rarely mistaken.


They always fit… 32 more words


Social media sux

I’ve deleted my Linkedin account because the design of the site seemed to becoming increasingly busy, misleading, and non-functioning. I deleted Twitter because, contrary to what plenty of others have proclaimed, 140 characters is not a good way to communicate or express oneself. 121 more words


by Christopher Raley


Somewhere in the space

between those in the room,

between empty chairs

for measured closeness

you are there.


Somewhere in the time… 80 more words


Maybe he might redeem it.

The fifth in an occasional series excerpting testimony from the transcript of the trial in J.F. Coley v. Tom Artis, Wayne County Superior Court, November 1908.  587 more words

North Carolina

Grimes reveals the origins of her name

Ever wonder how young Claire Boucher became the hyperactive superwoman of Avant garde synthpop we know as Grimes? It seems we have MySpace to thank . 228 more words