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I am in love with this new little snake. We have to take it Monday to find out the sex, before we name it. Any suggestions? 402 more words

Drew Barrymore Welcomes Her New Baby Daughter And Names Her Frankie

Congratulations are headed Drew Barrymore and her husband Will Kopelman’s way – the couple just welcomed their second daughter!

The couple announced the birth of their second daughter in an official statement through Drew’s rep, saying “Olive has a new little sister, Everyone is healthy and happy!” 173 more words


Happy Name Day to all those named George

Today, April 23rd is Saint George’s Day. Saint George is the Patron Saint of England and the red cross of Saint George forms part of the British Union Jack (flag). 291 more words

Imprompt: Brown Paper Package...


“Englyn Penfyr” 10.7.7.

Brown Paper Package; No String

flat, rectangle – a package sits waiting
the one you sent days ago… 90 more words


How Start-Ups Can Win the Name Game

Shakespeare’s Juliet once famously declared the name a merely artificial and futile convention, when professing her love for Romeo. But in the tangible world, exactly how much does it count for? 607 more words

Child's Name Art

Earlier today I posted a pic of a name art piece I did for a friend. This is the same piece framed up and ready to hang on her bedroom wall.


There are deeper meanings behind celebrity names known to the celebrity or not.50 Cent,50 means jubilee,from a very harsh,poor background,50 Cent attained a financial freedom or jubilee through hip-hop music.Rod Stewart began as a grave digger,his voice is like a rod of judgment and the song downtown train gives a testimony of a voice that surges across seas and coasts with no challenge or challenger,no one can doubt that Rod Stewart has a musical rod of effectiveness stewardship.2pac,2 is a witness or establishment,no hip-hop artist was more establish like 2pac shakur.robert nester marley,bob marley,robert,means great fame.bryan adams like the bible adam,has a sure garden called music,richard branson,richard is just that rich.bran is bread,richard branson is an international rich breadwinner for many families and employees,lionel richie,lionel is a lion,meaning a king,he is a rich king,music is his kingdom.aliyah means a woman of high standing,michael bolton sings like a sure bolt of lightning,leo sayer,a king sayer or singer,paul mccartney is likened to an earthly god,although not an eternal god,his sharp presence says it all.david beckham,david means beloved,ham means father of nations,david beckham is the beloved father of international football.thomas edison,thomas means knowledge in greek,the universal,historic,inventive knowledge of thomas edison is without question.albert einstein,albert is a bright light in the physical realm or world.my name is raymond mafukidze i am an interpreter of times seasons and events,bookmark this blog at… 63 more words