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Get to know me :)

Hi Friends!

I want to start off with something a little unorthodox as a way for you to get to know me!

Okay I know this was an unusual topic to pick for a blog post but my name has a lot of worth behind it and growing up it was defiantly something a struggled with. 483 more words


21 days challenge - day 1

Day one: What is your name & were you named after anyone?

My name is Monika – in English Monica. I have asked my parents a lot about picking up my name, but they just don’t have some “cool” story, about it. 138 more words

Impossibility Specialist!!!

Source – Unknown.

Posted by Damian @8wDee.com.

Life & Living

What's In A Name? Part II - The Difficult Second Album

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Aren’t most blogs abandoned in the Digital wastelands anyway? All those flashes of brilliance and urges to get creative and show the world what you’ve got to say, only to realise that when there’ billions of others with something to say, it’s not easy to get heard and very quickly, the enthusiasm drains until all that remains is a few megabytes of abandoned in a Data Centre somewhere very unglamorous, mirroring how older relatives get shipped off to retirement homes when they become a bit too much like hard work.. 300 more words


Through his bedroom wall

Van Gogh hears ten thousand stars

calling him by name.


Baby Girl's Naming Ceremony

This weekend, we hosted Baby Girl’s Naming Ceremony. We aren’t religious, so felt a Christening was hypocritical. Instead, we invited our friends & family to a picnic in the park behind our apartment to celebrate the birth of our lovely little girl & to introduce everyone to her ‘Odd Parents’. 301 more words


No One to Save You

No one is gonna save you.

The world doesn’t know your name.

You’re ┬álike an expendable character

in life’s own video game.

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