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Linda Rosenkrantz’ Article About Greek and Roman Mythological Names Is Worth a Read

I enjoyed reading Linda Rosenkrantz’s article comparing Ancient Greek and Roman mythological names, even though it doesn’t contain many names you’re likely to choose for your next baby. 142 more words

Bruce Lansky

Guest Blogging at Nameberry

I recently had an article published on Berryjuice at Namberry, on a subject very dear to my heart – Name Days. It isn’t about the history of Name Days, so much as how our family has created our own Name Day traditions. 100 more words


After 18 Years as YingYing, She Decided to Change Her Name to Something More American

YingYing Shang has wanted to change her name since she was 7 years old. She was teased to tears and made to feel “foreign” even when teachers and acquaintances had not intended to hurt her feelings. 386 more words

Bruce Lansky

11 Alternatives to Old-Fashioned and Ancient Boys' Names You Can Use in 2014

I have no idea why Pamela Redmond Satran spends so much time and energy recommending and promoting clunky, old names that are rarely used for very good reasons.  487 more words

Bruce Lansky

Pamela Redmond Satran's Latest Post Features 62 Rarely, If Ever, Used Awful, Ridiculous Names Like Nero, Hebe and Lettice

Pamela Redmond Satran has a new trick: She starts her article about “82 Stylish names” with a list of ten girls’ names and ten boys’ names listed among Nameberry’s top 1,000 names parents have clicked on lately. 1,837 more words

Bruce Lansky

The Top Trendy Baby Names For 2014

I’m looking at this list of the trendy baby names for 2014 and apparently people want their kids to be ancient Greek and Roman Gods. Can’t we just go back to naming kids Jack and Mary? 138 more words