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LG G4 in the works as the manufacturer patents new phone names

The LG G3 might be just a matter of weeks old, but the manufacturer has already given a very clear indication as to what we can expect from its future smartphone efforts. 180 more words

LG G4 In Development

In which George RR Martin agrees with me (or vice versa)

“There’s an old writing rule that says ‘Don’t have two character names start with the same letter’, but I knew at the beginning that I was going to have more than 26 characters, so I was in trouble there.

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Baby Gifts – A Guide for Men

Buying gifts for babies can be a difficult chore for men, especially for single men. After all, how can a man who has no children know what the best Baby Gifts are? 558 more words


How To Write About Family

Bronwyn Lea recently wrote about the dilemma of naming names when it comes to writing about family. Do we use real names? Aliases? What about using no names at all, just general referents such as wife, daughter, son? 600 more words

African State Etymology

A bit of name history, initiated by the Three Dikgosi Monument guide Samuel

Algeria - from Algiers/al-Jazair, which means ‘the islands’ (Arabic)

Angola - ‘Land of Ndongo,’ derived from a chiefly title… 689 more words

La Vie Quotidienne

Top 10 Funniest Names In Football: Featuring Ex Arsenal Target Lars Bender And Ralf Minge

by Andy Morris August 20th, 2014

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Ten hilarious names of footballers that will have your inner 10-year-old boy rolling on the floor with childish laughter. 16 more words

A Poop By Any Other Name...

On this blog, we’ll be using the word “poop” quite a bit.  Why?  Well… because it seems so much less technical and official than saying “Bowel Movement” or “Feces” all the time and it seems better than saying “sh….” other things :-). 103 more words

Bowel Movement