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Can I Get a Witness?

The wax tablets of Lucius Caecilius Iucundus are one of the best records for financial activity that survive antiquity. The tablets, triptychs of wooden leaves covered with wax and tied together to make six pages, were used as receipts, closed, wrapped with string, and sealed by witnesses. 1,448 more words

Gwendoogle Part LXXXII - Happiness and Some Strange Etymology

Answers served with a smile

Kate Kearney searched: What would you put inside an emergency happiness kit?
For myself, the kit would look something like: 1,121 more words


Idle Thoughts on Naming

So, as I continue drawing the notes together for Shadows in Summer, I find myself reflecting further on worldbuilding.  Though I’ve written the most crucial points to the subject, or the points I name the most crucial, I still find myself examining the process upon which I give names to characters.  476 more words


My Kemetic Name

i just received my Kemetic (egyptian) name based on my incarnation objective. 

Rekhita Menankht – a female who lives with firm corrections by cultivating and maintaining health of the life force


DIALOGUE BLOG: What's In A Name, Bitch

Listen to Femme, Chaos, The Fox, and Pinks discuss the word “bitch.”

Also, in case you need some musical relief, we hope you enjoy this 90s jam:




say my name say my name

My co-worker is expecting. A baby. I had to add the baby part in there just in case you thought she was expecting a penguin or a sack of potatoes or something (because that’s exactly what would have come to my mind had someone not clarified for me. 566 more words