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Thanks For: The Great Pumpkin Naming Crisis of 2014

Dear Overly Smiley Poorly Carved Gary,

My brother is demanding that I rationalize why I named our freshly carved pumpkin Gary. Personally I don’t think he deserves an answer as a) not home b) didn’t carve the pumpkin c)didn’t have the intimate experience of pulling out Gary’s guts with his bare hands. 332 more words


The best person to share your coke with

Sharing is a lovely thing to think about but in practice it often ends up awkward. For instance, should you share a non-segmented chocolate bar with your friend, if you feel like they are hungry? 308 more words

Quick Update

Hey guys, Celina and Zoë here, and we just wanted to tell you that we are going to run something called shoutouts.On the post before, we will say something like this: 55 more words


What's in a name? Britons have more options when getting married

What’s in a name?

Britons have more options

when getting married


By Larry Neild

“With this ring, I thee wed …” and the bride will usually adopt her husband’s surname in their marriage. 560 more words

Watch Tower

Claim This Name

Claim This Name

What is in a name?
Muddy for his skin
Muddy for this land
Muddy for his grandma
X for the nameless
X for an erased history… 125 more words

It’s Only a Name…Or is It?


It feels contrived

seeing myself in my name

when the birds fly off in a different angle

ink from a pen blots the page

and the paintbrush is stationary… 165 more words


Naming Your Characters

I was reading book reviews today and found this comment.

It made me laugh like… super hard.

When teaching a lot of the time I have students who absolutely stress over their characters’ names. 351 more words