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Names: Nicknames and Pseudonyms

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
~ from Romeo & Juliet

Actually, a lot is in a name.

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Why I will not change my name even if I get married

Now, first of all, my desire to maintain my name forever is not a declaration of feminism in any way; although there is nothing wrong with doing that for those very reasons. 476 more words


Teaser Tuesday: The Origin of Names

I chose the name “Anna” because I liked the name, but it originates to Hannah in Hebrew, which means “favor” or “grace.”  It’s a fitting meaning for a special and talented girl. 99 more words


What's in a...?


My name means chosen by God,

For what I do not know,

I tend to ignore the very idea of it;

Whilst staring at the walls. 107 more words


I Suck With Names

(so apologies if you leave a comment and my first response is ‘wow, that guy commented!)

Both in my real life, and the fictional words I inhabit, I suck at remembering names; I met an old friend at a football game a few months ago, and remembered playing video games with him, but knew him as ‘The Guy That Played Star Wars Battlefront’, as opposed to knowing hum as David. 668 more words


Kate Prime

It started in high school, but it took me a while to notice. Sophomore year, my boyfriend dumped me in favor of a different girl named Katie who was perfectly willing to let him stick his hands under her shirt (I was not). 671 more words

A Rose By Any Other Name

I am horrible with names. Really really horrible. I would probably forget my own name if I hadn’t been repeatedly called it my whole life. It is actually a personal fault of mine that I find to be very rude, and something I do make an effort to correct. 246 more words