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The Adventures of Other Dude

I was all ready for Camp NaNoWriMo.  I had an idea back in February and had managed to put together a very detailed outline.

I was all set with a  new world, a cast of characters, and a magic system.   204 more words


Throwback Thursday [how much does your name affect your life?]

What were you doing this time last year? Is it painful to think about? Yes? No? Maybe a little? Don’t worry, that sounds normal.

This time last year I was exploring… 72 more words



My name isn’t a thing I own.
When I write it, it does not mean ME.
The letters don’t spell out my life, my love, or my sorrows. 91 more words



You pulled the top
Layer off,
Then the next
You continued until
You were stripping nerves
Then the pain started
You thought you wouldn’t get… 62 more words




The game play is simple; each player has three tiles, a turn consists of laying a tile matching it to the tile(s) adjacent to it and then drawing back up to three tiles. 298 more words


An Introduction : Why I re-named myself 2 weeks ago.

Hello internet, I’m Dan. Nice to get the introduction over as quickly as possible, I say.

My last name is Tanner: Dan Tanner – he gets the job done, he’s sturdy, he’s reliable, the name rolls off the tongue like a ballerina wearing a leather workman’s belt. 509 more words