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What's In a Name?

In Act II, Scene II  of Shakespeare’s 1597 play, Romeo and Juliet,  Juliet says in reference to Romeo’s surname, Montague 1,605 more words
Culture & Identity

I love being called things.

It creates excuses for me!
It shows how ignorant you are
And tells me things about myself
I know aren’t true.

I wrote a story about ghosts… 169 more words


last names

I have always been fascinated with people’s last names. I want to know where their last name comes from and if there’s a way to tell what country they are from by their last name. 82 more words

In the Midst of Autumn Leaves

Names. Two of them. I know the basic personality types of these people, yet their names elude me. Why? Am I thinking too hard? I stare blankly at my too bright computer screen and sigh heavily. 617 more words


Hi, I am ...


I am Eric.
What’s your name?


I am Erica.
What’s your name?


10 Dog Breed Names You’re Most Likely Mispronouncing

We all really like dogs, but with so numerous breeds coming from all more than the planet, it can be tough to figure out how to pronounce their names appropriately. 35 more words

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I Like To Google Myself...

Sometimes I like to Google myself to check if I have become famous yet, because with hard-hitting, intellectual blog posts such as ‘Have you ever pissed yourself for a Turkey Twizzler? 153 more words