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Best Five Tips Register Domain Names and Dedicated Web Hosting

Things to keep in mind before you Register Domain Names:
Picking out the most relevant and best domain name for your business is very important. But what if you do not get what you require? 16 more words

The Strange Game Of Names In China

People in China have adopted English names for decades. Many choose ones that resemble their birth names: Chinese boys named “Da Wei,” a common name, almost invariably become “David.” Others find inspiration from singers, athletes, politicians, or movie stars.

Read Here – The Atlantic


(Waterland) Name Etymology/Meaning

First Lit post (cue applause)

So my friends were whatsapping about names yesterday (namely Martha Clay and how the word clay is pretty linked to the idea water-land and other things) and it got me thinking about the origins and meanings of the names in the novel. 710 more words

Studies And Stuff

On Names & Monikers

One day I was headed back to my training host family’s house from Antigua. In the terminal, folks frequently board buses to sell anything from ice cream cones to newspapers. 394 more words

Peace Corps

Evening Sermon 09/07/14 - The Names of the Church

Part 2 in a series about the identity of the Church. What is the significance of a name? What is the difference between a name and an identity? 10 more words

Word magic from Shalom Auslander

Browsing books at random in Galway, I picked up Shalom Auslander’s novel Hope: A Tragedy because the title caught my eye, and I bought it based on a cursory scan of its contents and reviews. 367 more words


What is a Shroff Office? (and other Hong Kong English)

I was pleasantly surprised by my visit to Hong Kong.  It is clear that the locals have a far better grasp of English than the mainland Chinese and there were no very strange “Chinglish” signs.   784 more words

Living In China