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The Book Lovers - photo assignment 1

assignment: gather visual ideas, choose a subject and use different compositions and lighting

I have a rather large visual idea gallery and after looking through it, I chose books for my subject. 147 more words


Nancy Drew #26: Tomb of the Lost Queen

Egyptologists and archaeologists have uncovered a new tomb, which may be the tomb of the lost queen, Nefertari. But when the leader of the group is injured after a strange accident, the group is left to it’s own devices to locate where the legend is hidden. 158 more words

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On Diaries, Journals, and writing...

When I was a little younger – okay, waaaaaaaaay-the-hell younger – I kept a diary. I think every girl my age back then did. It was a 3×5 sized, hardbound book, complete with it’s own lock and key, hundreds of sheets of lined paper, and Barbie pink, my signature color. 597 more words

Romance Writers

Hidden in the Underwear Drawer

In the years of my childhood and early youth, my family would not be considered highbrow or lowbrow, but probably the label that was invented during that time–  middlebrow. 518 more words

Nancy Drew - The Shattered Medallion

I finally got a chance to sit down and play my newest Nancy Drew game. I got the thing months ago, but it was still in its wrapping, believe it or not. 144 more words


Nancy Drew Girl Detective #21: High School Musical Mystery Part Two "The Missing Verse" written by Stefan Petrucha and Sarah Kinney art by Sho Murase

Okay, I so did not see this end coming. In fact, I don’t think anyone did.

So now the girl detectives know who committed the crime – Professor Mildred Scudery – but the only question is… 64 more words


Nancy Drew Girl Detective#20: High School Musical Mystery part one written by Stefan Petrucha & Sarah Kinney art by Sho Murase

Okay, I am going to say it right now: I love Nancy Drew. She is the most awesome fictional character ever. I love her. I wish that I could solve mysteries all the time. 179 more words