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Recruitment Guide for Nanjing Government Scholarship for Overseas Students (2014)

Recruitment Guide for Nanjing Government Scholarship for Overseas Students (2014)
Mar 21 2014
The scholarship was set up by Nanjing government since 2013 to attract and encourage more outstanding overseas students to study and conduct scientific research in Nanjing Universities. 183 more words


Technology: Metamaterial turns any surface into a radio antenna


Material scientists from China have deposited an array of tiny metallic U-shaped structures onto a material to create a new type of artificial surface that works like a radio antenna. 347 more words


China 2014: Day 2

Date: 28 March 2014

Summary: Xuanwu Lake, Nanjing. Then a long train ride to Huang Shan

Super duper awesome flowers! We had a good morning stroll and went a crazy taking pictures, and then headed to the train station for our 5-6hr slow train ride to Huang Shan. 47 more words


10 injured, 7 missing in E China chemical plant blast


NANJING, April 16  — A chemical plant blast and fire in east China’s Jiangsu Province has injured 10 people and left seven others missing, local authorities said Wednesday. 286 more words

9 New Juice Recipes from my vacation in China

I spent last week on vacation in China. Yup! I said China. My beloved cousin/sister-from-another-mother/BFF/maid-of-honor/ok… I think y’all get it, lives there. There is simply no other reason I would go to China. 515 more words


Something is ringing… not my alarm.  I think I turned that on off earlier.  It’s annoying but at least a better… oh snap!!! My phone.  Where did I put it!? 280 more words


Why isn’t room service open!?

If I want to eat an American club sandwich at 1:10am in my hotel room for 68 Yuan in China, then I have that right under communistic law.. 725 more words