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CareGivers. :)

Hello :)
I hope you are all doing well. Ladies, I hope you went for the ‘Daughters of Zion’ seminar?? I did say I’d be tackling the most important relationships in our lives yes? 795 more words


If You're A Woman, You Need To Know Your Worth (And Feel Comfortable Demanding It)

Several years ago a new employer asked me what I charged per hour for nannying.  I told her I didn’t feel comfortable putting a number on spending time with children, and asked what she thought was fair. 562 more words

When is enough...enough?

So I’m not sure how I’m feeling about this but I have to say I’m disappointed. Well let’s start this post by expressing how much I love my job and I love the family I care for its mom-she’s been a little rude lately and for no reason at all. 292 more words

Clearly, We Used My Egg

So yesterday was Bestie’s birthday.  Another reason we are so tight…..our birthdays fall in the same week.  Horoscope nonsense and all.

Husband was working so we decided to round up another pal and treat ourselves to brunch.  494 more words


Sick days for nannies or not!

So here I am today sick as a dog! But of course I had attended my usual work day. So I bet your thinking well why didn’t you take the day off. 218 more words

I'm a Nanny with a lot to say!

So here I am blogging about my days as a nanny!

I started this blog so that nannies have an outlet to express how they feel, how to handle certain situations, advice from other nannies, pay, time off, gift giving (which is something I’ve struggled with and used a nanny blog to help me figure it out) and to just gossip anonymously about the extremely needy families they care for. 140 more words

A Season Away...

Life has a way of becoming way too busy… and before you know it months have passed before the last post. To be honest, a break was what I was looking for -about a month long, not 9 months. 244 more words