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The riots, Ebola, Squeaky Fromme, the click and the Hand of God

I know it is a strange title but I think they all connect. I’ll start by telling a short story about tipping points. The year was 1975. 443 more words


The Right To NOT Know

By Rich Zeoli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — This being Thanksgiving, I personally have so many reasons to be thankful. For one thing our family was blessed with a son! 427 more words

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Our Ship Adrift —Part II

As of one year ago this month, the total of unfunded liabilities totaled $205 Trillion. Unfunded liabilities are a calamitous situation for future taxpayers and the growth of the American economy; it is a plague at every level of government: local, state, and federal. 599 more words

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Some economics of housing habitability laws

Minimum standards for rental housing is back in the news in New Zealand. After some deaths in some rather nasty fires in rental houses without fire alarms, there are demands that landlords must put fire alarms in place and maintain those fire alarms. 589 more words

Economics Of Regulation

Our Ship Adrift —Part I

Whether Columbus discovered America is not very important, if you ask me. If Columbus had not discovered the unknown continent, someone other than a Moslem would have discovered it eventually. 712 more words

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Labour party 'loons' want to limit Brits to one pint of beer per day

It looks as though the Labour party in the U.K. is as bent on creating a nanny-state as American Democrats. Did we catch Bloombergism from them or did they catch it from us? 337 more words

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Murder, gay rights and... scooters? Seriously?!

I don’t think I need to go any further on the “gay rights” part of the title than to mention a quick skim of previous blogs ( 567 more words