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Funny And/Or Endy!

I haven’t been tubing for a while so when I did my rounds I found lots of stuff I didn’t know about.

Most of it not very funny but some of it terrifyingly  hilarious. 924 more words

Funniest End Of Civilization Evah

UK School Using Biometric Fingerprint Data to Make Sure Kids Eat ‘Healthy Diet’

The use of biometrics on children in various areas of the school setting, from swiping a finger to check out a library book or scanning a palm to purchase a lunch is sadly not new. 213 more words


A Flag on the Play

People do change over time. Anyone contemplating marriage should consider this fact about human nature because there is a very high probability that the individual who attracted you, who you ended up marrying, will over the period of some years, change in his or her attitudes toward you, your relationship, and/or your circumstances. 672 more words

Spiritual Health

Woman Calls CPS After Seeing Kid Playing Outside, Proving Stranger Danger Is Real But It’s Your Nosy Neighbor

A mom was sorting her mail when she heard a knock at her front door. She opened it to see a neighbor standing there with her son. 238 more words


5 Things I Hate About Japan

Since no one ever seems to write on what they “hate” about Japan, I thought I’d break the mold and do so, but found it surprisingly difficult to come up with five things. 765 more words