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Nannifornia Aims It's Sights On Youth Football ... Full-Contact Practices Drastically Limited

California Limits Full-Contact Youth Football Practices

” Gov. Jerry Brown announced Monday that he has signed a bill limiting full-contact football practices at middle and high schools in response to concerns about concussions, even as many teams already comply with the rules.

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Science Fraud: the sequel

Katie Tubb at the Heritage Foundation recently exceeded all of our expectations here at Chesty Acres when she put together a list of things that the media now claim are the result of global warming.  332 more words

Nanny State


I’ll tell you what sup.

Life imitates Camus!

A Chinese city has been sealed off and 151 people have been placed in quarantine since last week after a man died of bubonic plague…

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Funniest End Of Civilization Evah

The Obama River

 ♫ Rolling, rolling, rolling down de rivvvvvvverrrrrrr … ♫

Here we all are … in a rubber dingy, heading down the Obama River at a good rate of speed, and isn’t this just about as much fun as anyone can possibly have with all of their clothes on? 320 more words

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Only one Jimi

This week’s quote comes from the great Jimi Hendrix.
“I’m the one that’s got to die when it’s time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to.” 387 more words


Saturday Steyn

The Nationalization Of Childhood

” ~When I was a kid and watched sci-fi movies set in a futuristic dystopia where individuals are mere chattels of an unseen all-powerful government and enduring human relationships are banned and the progeny of transient sexual encounters are the property of the state, I always found the caper less interesting than the unseen backstory: How did they get there from here?

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