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Are You Freaking Out?

Three days to go. How are you doing? Have you freaked yet?

If you have, it’s okay. We all freak out every once in a while. 128 more words


A Million Words to Become a Good Writer

I remember reading somewhere that it took 1,000,000 words written to become a good writer. Don’t ask me where I read it. I can’t remember. 297 more words


dolphins, mermaids, & ampersands

“When this is done, I’m going to go swimming and relax. Become a dolphin.” –me

“Or a mermaid?” –Rachel

“Or that. But dolphins just seem happier.” –me…

160 more words

Never Give Up

Someone wrote in the forums over at NaNo yesterday, asking if she should give up because she is so far behind. Absolutely not! Never give up. 135 more words


New Arrival: Field Notes and Mitsubishi Uni Nano Dia

The wooden Field notes are just so awesome. And I’m excited to try out the first pencil with nano-technology (yeah, yeah, not really, but I like to pretend).

New Arrival

Keep Writing

As people started validating yesterday, how did it make you feel? Were you excited because you got to validate? Were you bummed because you haven’t reached your goal yet? 127 more words