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N is for ...NaNo & NetGalley

These topics pose a dilemma for me, as they both fight for my attention. Each day I am in a quandary – do I write or do I read? 734 more words


Rapid BW 72mm XSPro Clear UV Haze with MultiResistant

There are so many people who miss out on the opportunity to be a tester for Apple’s new products when they come out, such as the Apple iPod… 348 more words

Battery BS Detector: 5 tips to beat the hype

Almost every media story you read about breakthroughs in battery technology is wrong[i].

Smartphone charger promises to power up batteries in just 30 seconds. From the well-respected Guardian, both the headline and the accompanying story provide a near-perfect case study in how to critically evaluate these articles, and sort out the hype from the reality. 915 more words

We Don't Have MongoDB - is CouchDB OK?

‘It can’t be helped,’ the saddlebum said. ‘What’s happened is, you’ve overloaded your analogizing faculty, thereby blowing a fuse. Accordingly, your perceptions have taken up the task of experimental normalization.

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Nano 1.07

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Full circle, and I’m just as in the dark as I was the first time.

I sat in the same chair, in the same coffee shop, with the same confused as fuck expression plastered across my face as the day Jasper told me he didn’t want to do our project. 979 more words


Another Poll

Hey all, since I had to shelf the novel I was working on for camp I decided that I would pull out As Death Tells It and I could use more help!   112 more words


Happy 15th Birthday Nano!

Happy 15th Birthday to Nano!

I am also happy to report that Nano appears to have fully recovered from her bout of hemorrhagic gastroenteritis that I blogged about here: 153 more words

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