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Muses Feasting: Breathing words

I am getting very close to completing the first full draft of my novel Rain. In the process of honing some of the critical moments of Rain I have had to find new ways to view my writing. 502 more words


NaNoWriMo: 50K done, still not "done"!

So yes, I “won”! However, I am not done with the novel. :D I am about… half way, maybe? I know the purpose is to write a novel in 50K words but I sorta got carried away. 242 more words


NaNoWriMo: 2014 Wrap-Up

I know I’ve picked up a number of followers and readers from my NaNoWriMo posts. This is a microblog: I blather on at greater length on my author blog and I’ve just posted… 66 more words

For Writers

Good News :)

Hello there! I’ve been completely slacking on NaNo, but that’s okay, because guess what? THE NEW VERSION OF STARLING IS OUT! XD

If you already had it, or want a review copy, shoot me an email at ebthompson93_author@aol.com and tell me if you want a kindle or a nook copy. 18 more words

The Catch-22 of Setting a Word Count Goal

Goals are great things. I love goals, if just to say that I met one. But have you ever noticed how, when you meet a goal, you suddenly think you’re “done?” 1,075 more words


Prince of the Nai

Looks like on of my characters wants his own story:

He was born to the dead.

Then he too died.

But he was blessed and cursed by a power beyond his own. 13 more words

Writer's Way

feel my fire

“Sure she had all the latent talents the world might never know, or maybe they would? I know one thing was certain, I would never give up on her. 52 more words