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CTSC Seed-Funding Awardee Michelle Bradbury, MD, PhD, and Colleagues Develop Innovative Approach to Imaging Cancer

In a recent issue of the journal Science and Translational Medicine, researchers Michelle S. Bradbury, MD, PhD, and Ulrich Wiesner, PhD, and their teams, published the… 924 more words

Weill Cornell CTSC


Written by Naman Gupta

“Nano-medicine” is the medicinal diligence of nanotechnology (manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular and supramolecular scale). Nanotechnology would possibly be able to create many new devices with a vast range of applications, such as medicine, bio-materials, etc. 337 more words



In response to requests and kind demands by numerous friends and scientific peers globally, I have decided to contribute regularly through my blog. I will provide my views on higher education, cutting edge research in medicine, nanotechnology, green nanotechnology and nanomedicine–related  to economic development–all in the global and US context. 37 more words

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Nanoparticles Trick Malaria Parasites By Mimicking Red Blood Cells

by Katherine Bourzac,  Chemical & Engineering News

Researchers have designed polymer nanoparticles to mimic the surfaces of red blood cells so that the particles bind to malaria parasites and prevent them from infecting real red blood cells (ACS Nano 2014, DOI: … 166 more words


Nanorobots can play nanosoccer and a whole lot more

In the excitement of the FIFA World Cup last summer, I found myself asking, “does soccer relate to nanotechnology in any way?” After doing some research, my honest answer is, not really. 896 more words


Getting to know the ropes

Last month has been very busy, after initially start with introductions and settling into doing a PhD, now comes the planning phase. The planning phase involves the student to really understand the project and to start taking ownership which sounds a little odd but really it is planning the initial experiments, working out the stages and how to reach the goal of your research. 329 more words