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Green tea compound shows promise for tackling cancer - 40% of both types of tumour vanished

24 AUG 2012
A compound found in green tea could be a weapon in treatments for tackling cancer, according to newly-published research at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. 353 more words

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Skin Penetrating Peptides Enhance Transdermal Delivery of Hyaluronic Acid

As a major component of the skin extracellular matrix, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is involved in various biologic processes such as hydration, nutrient exchange, and cell differentiation and motility. 162 more words


Liposuction and Gold Nanoparticles

Scientists have discovered that tiny particles of gold injected into fat tissues can offer a new and potentially safer way to carry out liposuction procedures. Liposuction by definition is the process of removing excess fat found underneath the skin by suction. 404 more words


PEGylation Protocols and Literature References

Creative PEGWorks has collected hundreds of papers published in peer-reviewed journals citing the use of PEG derivatives for PEGylation of proteins, enzymes, antibodies, peptides, biologic, nucleic acids, nanoparticles, chips, surfaces, dendrimers, hydrogels, liposomes and micelles. 97 more words


How do Nanoparticles Enter Cells?

There is an ovarian cancer drug called DOXIL that is delivered to cells in a nanoparticle made of molecules of fat. But, how does the nanoparticle enter the cell? 435 more words


Nanomedicine Company MagForce Takes $15M From Thiel's Mithril Capital

MagForce injects iron oxide nanoparticles into a patient and then vibrates them with a magnetic field to generate heat that helps kill cancer cells. It sounds like science fiction but it’s real. 329 more words