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A Good Month but Not Much Writing Done

Well, it’s been nearly a month since I last put up a post. There have been two reasons for that. One, I spent time with family I haven’t seen in 14 months and two, I decided not to through everything into a new story and finish off old ones while trying to build a collection of thoughts for future shorts stories or longer. 285 more words


NaNoWriMo 2011: Capturer of the Valkyries

Capturer of the Valkyries

Written by: Tan Siah Yong

Chapter 1-Out of the Sky

15 year old Anna gazed eagerly at the cast iron barrel of a massive cannon as it slowly swivelled, turning its opening towards a small speck of dark flying through the sky. 96,639 more words


NaNoWriMo 2013: Chaser


Chapter 1

Victor stood within the city square of Anchorage, feeling the low rumble go through his bones as the literal underbelly of the city scraped over a small pine forest, felling a few trees as the kilometre wide monstrosity of a town traversed across the landscape. 51,140 more words


10 Simple Questions – Bellator Edition – Jessica Nicholls

In anticipation of the upcoming release of the charity anthology, Bellator, Word Blurb has me chatting with some of the contributing authors. First up is the lovely Jessica Nicholls: 494 more words


I'm Back! So, Now What?

I don’t have much to give today, but I feel I need to post something to make up for my lack or activity. So maybe I’ll just tell you what I’ve been doing lately…


Nearly there

I’m almost at 65K with just a couple of days to go. I want to really push this baby. Hope you’re staying motivated. I’m looking forward to blogging about other things though. 11 more words


The end of Camp - Plus Updates!

Well, not sure if you noticed, but i’ve been revving up my posting on my blog these past couple of days. I managed to completely my Camp NaNo novel as well as reach my desired word count of 30k. 418 more words