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NaNoWriMo Problem #5

Changing point of view halfway through. :/


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner... Or NaNo?!

Hate to gloat… Actually, no, no I don’t. At least not in this instance… because…. drumroll please…..

It’s official, November 26th took me to a staggering 50,070 words… I celebrated and then promptly wept into my repetitively strained fingertips at the realisation I still had another 30-40K to go dawned on me. 59 more words

Life Events

Failure Doesn't Taste So Bad

As a lot of you may know November is National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWriMo. For those of you who aren’t aware what that is I’ll tell you. 156 more words


The Mountains of Success, Pt 2 - Dawn Frederick

The Calling

Today’s success story comes in the form of a calling. Not just the calling to write, as that’s assumed already. A calling is generally referred to as a spiritual path; one that indicates the person was born or meant to do a specific thing in life. 242 more words


Day #27 NaNoWriMo - Kate Sisneros

Katie Sisneros is a PhD candidate in English Literature, an undergraduate English instructor, a Community Engagement Specialist for General Mills, a weekly trivia host for Trivia Mafia, and a co-founder of The Tangential. 606 more words


COED _ Chapter 27 (My NaNoWriMo Novel)

Chapter 27

She said…

I’m going to miss being at the shop: the whiz of clippers, the smell of perm chemicals, the conversations. I guess I’ll miss Trap as well. 1,315 more words


Writing Spree

I titled this post writing spree, but it’s more accurate to say I went on a writing rampage yesterday. I was in the final stages of reformatting my PC (for the 3rd time) and updates were going well. 333 more words