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In the penumbra, each object, cast a shadow across the floor, stretching like dark monsters edging out of a child’s bed. Behind her the screech of the alarm etched itself slowly into her consciousness until the point where her auditory senses would have felt deprived without its audible presence. 843 more words


Revealing possibly the most useful publishing secret ever

On-line and off, one of the biggest challenges publishers wrestle with is colour matching.

All sorts of systems have been devised to make it possible to take the special shade of blue the designer has come up with, reproduce it accurately in a proofing system, and make it reproduce just as accurately when printed. 467 more words

Writing Experiences

NaNo 2013 revisited and possibly finished

I’ve taken my 2013 NaNo novel out of mothballs recently, deciding the time was pipe to revisit the unfinished work. After reaching the 50K word goal, I had nowhere to go with the story, no idea as to the next logical progression. 398 more words


100-Word Daily Challenge

It seems as if I have been somewhat neglecting the reason that I started this blog, which was to steadily build up to the challenge of writing for NaNoWriMo in November.  295 more words


World Creation: Enion Wars

World creation. Yeah that says it all doesn’t it? You either love it or hate, or both at the same time. I will be honest, the last few novels i’ve written, I’ve purposely set in a modern, contemporary world to avoid over thinking and building a new one from scratch. 918 more words



The place looked a lot like a hospital, except less busy. All the walls were whitewashed, the ceiling low. Industrial halogen lights illumined the long corridors. 588 more words



I’m in bed waiting for sleep to come back and claim me. I was tired only an hour ago but of course, as soon as my head met the pillow, my body the bed, my eyes popped open and the brain started thinking away… 73 more words