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Grandma Surprises Everyone On Britian's Got Talent

It started as a very confusing and awkward introduction. I found her accent charming but everyone’s got one of those on this show!

What this 80 year old does about halfway into the dance made Simon wish he wouldn’t have pressed his X button. 12 more words


My New Internet Shop

October 30, 2006

…a framed print from the gallery…

On a fairly consistent basis, I receive email from people wanting to purchase existing Biblical artwork from me. 273 more words

Dennis Jones

4 On 1 Review: Your Mom Reads My Reviews

Blood (2012)

Two brothers (Paul Bettany, Stephen Graham), both policemen, try to keep the secret that they accidentally killed a murder suspect.

Based on the cast, I thought this looked pretty damn good. 454 more words


Weekend Shenanigans

My weekend was awesome.

Went to my first TEDx conference…
It was inspiring.

Got this awesome book at half the price…
This book is so informative! 106 more words

Life According To Ava

Guy With Funny Hat

June 5, 2007

…the key to all good comedy… a funny hat…

Last Saturday was a beautiful morning, so I jumped out of bed, ran outside, fired up the garden tiller, and broke it. 352 more words

Dennis Jones

Disgruntled Dwarf

March 3, 2009

One of the channels was showing the Lord Of The Rings trilogy again on TV. I saw bits and pieces of it during the weekend and later scribbled out this guy… he’s not a character from the story, I just attribute his creation to the story… or maybe to the pizza I had on Saturday night… hard to know which… 195 more words

Dennis Jones

Manufacturing logic for football skills

There is a select group of people who can’t take seriously any sentence with the word “skills” in it because, at an impressionable age, they were exposed to… 1,035 more words

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