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Blue (Alliterisen)

Thick thoughts of lost loves.
Wondering why it went wrong.
Hot heart breaking,
Her emotional eyes,
My missed muse,
Lingering longing-
Of poignant past bliss.


Psychosis Canadiana

snakes and ladder

slithering new continents / covenants


a bombastic tv prophet

bleating new scriptures


a new religion



always believe in your country… 23 more words


Almost is never enough

Hello again, it’s been quite long since my last post and I am kinda miss my blog. So this evening after preparing for my presentation next week, I sit back and listening to some songs. 507 more words

Its morning

Its morning, when I turn my eye
To where the light folds up the shadows
Over rooftops, as if the shutters rise.
And where the clouds drift aimlessly, 327 more words


NaBloPoMo, Day 15: A Progress Report

Today is Day 15 of National Blog Posting Month (or, NaBloPoMo, for short), and I have been enjoying the ride!

Frankly, the last time that National Blog Posting Month, as well as National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo, for short) rolled around, I was experiencing great physical and emotional challenges. 192 more words


The Dream That Died

The fragile dream
the movie, the future in your head
The life apart from
when your eyes awake
The string that pulls you
running, fighting for that day, 184 more words


Smattered Limitations

The strange thing

IS she is not sure

If sleeping ever cured a

Struggle with depression

Yet she sleeps regardless

Of what is true and what fails… 115 more words