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Hundred and Four

This time when I grow up.I do it right.With no hashtags,scratches toward the back.When I grow up,I’ll see the  moon souls’.When I grow up in this world,I’ll start over at hundred and four. 21 more words

Eyes in darkness 

There was always this place called home
I could see in your eyes 
The complexity 
Never talked about it,
But it hung heavy and drew us  212 more words


Birds come and lift her
up, out of her pain.
They carry her through clouds,
swiftly through sun and rain.
They won’t drop her because, 236 more words


While the shoes are gathered together

I think of Philly,

no feet walking, just shoes

of where we could go

aligned with blue-black night

I think of London’s skyline… 35 more words

Heat in Winter

The heat was broken
often, in that cold home,
and that’s what you can grow
to know.

It’s so warm in here now,
With no need for layers and no… 231 more words