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irresolute as a runaway prisoner

unsure who to trust in extremity

a subtly perplexed tension

about his eyes and eyebrows

that stirs sympathy to make… 52 more words


Rainfall III.

A radical reworking of Rainfall, from NaPoWriMo. Travelling a long road requires concentration, and an idea of destination. Sometimes we get lost on the back-roads. 189 more words


Love's Embrace

Love needs only you open to embrace your life. Love wants nothing more.

I re-read what I wrote for this picture and thought about how well the simplest of words speak to my heart so clearly.   9 more words


Editor’s Note: This was written during a series of puppy health crises in April, earlier this year. I almost deleted it when Flower rallied at that point, but sadly, I knew someday, I would need it. 71 more words


August 5, 2014: Question 2


What do you say to a man with a toupee?

-Nice hat!




The woods the back alleys and jitties
The cut-throughs and tracks or gravel pit lane
The smell of a school
Rough and mud of the field out back where everyone went… 154 more words


On not finishing things

On not finishing things

It happens to all of us at times, even though in a society consumed with the status of success we are often reluctant to admit it, sometimes we leave things unfinished. 664 more words