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her smile ignited,

faltered, like a

fluorescent striplight

with a faulty connection,


then shorting out.


Let yourself be free

There’s always something in life you can’t hold
Even if you try your best to reach it
You failed…
You have to do things in life that sometimes you do not like… 325 more words

"Море-вместо тысячи фраз" ©

Я видела, как люди умирали…
И не раз; Убивали кого-то у себя в сердцах…
И когда внутри была одна неразборчивость в чувствах
Им достаточно было одного моря- вместо тысячи фраз.



they told me you would be my remedy on the rainy days 

and you were

my everlasting sunshine amid the showers

but when the storms rolled in heavier than ever before  116 more words


Re: Reverse Reverse Haiku - I Will Try One Two (three four) - And See Just What I Can Do.

Days, forty, of rain, indeed -
Outside, just waiting;
Leave our high spirits dampened.

Indeed, rain of forty days
Waiting just outside;
Dampened spirits ‘hi!’ our leave. 39 more words


July Updates

hi friends.  some updates.

My chapbook “Meaningful Fingers” with Finishing Line Press is a few weeks behind schedule at the printer’s apparently, but should be shipped soon.  286 more words


It Takes Nothing

It takes nothing…

It takes nothing for me to lose myself in you,

It takes nothing for me to melt away in your hold,

It takes nothing for me to be mesmerised by your sweet, velvet voice, 97 more words