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Resting Up Saturday

I’ve been such a busy boy I thought I’d give myself (and my Mom) a break and just have a RESTFUL Saturday (after bacon for breakfast of course)………………………where else would I nap but in my bacon cheeseburger bed???? 28 more words

Life With Cats

Appreciation 2

Since this week is about the Body Life Area, and I also want to write about the things I appreciate as I approach the 500th post (the next one!), this article is going to be about my appreciation of sleeping and napping. 258 more words




Congratulations! You have passed the sleep deprivation phase of the frequent waking but sleepy newborn and moved on to the frustration of the non-napping cranky infant. 48 more words


highlights of recent dreams-- I dream of chickens, zombie adopt-a-thon, and others

I had a dream about chickens, thousands of chickens, sitting on my fence posts, roosted in my barns, strutting jauntily around my yard. I had apparently rescued them all from factory farming situations and was running a chicken rehabilitation center and adoption agency. 459 more words

Stress: A College Essential

So, as expected, I was swamped with the busiest and most hellish two weeks of my life that prevented me from posting here. But, alas! I have returned. 1,210 more words


Naps Are Adult Friendly.

Whoever said naps are just for little kids are wrong. I love a good nap. It’s another way to escape the world for a few hours. 44 more words