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Most Desperate Mommy on the Block

So far, parenting has been a random string of good and bad days, determined primarily by how much sleep Kaitlin and I get during the day and night, respectively. 462 more words


Make Sleeping Pods at Universities a Reality by Signing this Petition

Please help me normalise the siesta throughout Australian Unis by signing my sleeping pod petition: http://t.co/5UpB437AXG via @ChangeAUS

— Let's Siesta (@LetsSiesta) October 20, 2014


A long walk
In the cold October wind
Some cheapish gas
Two bagels with
Hot leftover tomato bisque
A three quarters NFL timed nap
And now a daily post… 8 more words


Silent Sunday Selfie

 Joining up with the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop at The Cat On My Head! 11 more words

Life With Cats


I realize I haven’t been posting much, but I’ve been busy. This, however, was important enough that I felt the need to post it immediately. ^^ You’re welcome.

To My Grandson, Who "Settles in My Low Places"

Blogger’s warning: yes, this is another schmaltzy letter to my grandson. If you’ve had enough of the sentimental grandpa schtick, get away from here, quickly. 1,510 more words