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Toddler Napping...Or Not.

About a month ago Elisabeth started rejecting afternoon nap. Since then the precious rest has become arbitrary, like a complimentary dessert at the end of your meal when you hadn’t expected it but had been secretly wishing for a hit of sugar. 932 more words


Five More Minutes! The Benefits of Napping

(I realize my last two posts were pretty…serious to say the least. However, I thought I might make it clear that I’m also a pretty cheerful, albeit silly guy. 757 more words

Healthy Advice

One cat is not enough ...

… but two are way too many. Actually, this was originally said about children, but since I have four cats, I think this is applicable. 416 more words


Asleep after a long night of bugs...

This summer we have been swarmed by green tree frogs. I love these little guys, they are beautiful and they devour tons of insects. They seemed to be dwindling in number around our house for many years, now they are rebounding and I couldn’t be happier. 43 more words


Lazy Sunday

very lazy sunday here today. We’ve noticed a little change in the weather, as it’s not so hot and humid in the mornings as it has been the last 5 months, so we can feel a change in the air. 355 more words


this is my life...

you know it’s been an exhausting few weeks when you find alarms such as this one set in your phone:

seriously. i took a 15 minute nap in between calls today. 32 more words

Life Update