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Parental Exhaustion

When you’re a parent, the exhaustion creeps in by degrees.  You don’t even notice it.

I’m not talking about when the sprout is first born and you go from sleeping 8, 9, 10 hours a night to catching three hours at a stretch and being supremely thankful for it.   527 more words


Gen-Ys are sleepy, not lazy.

Darting my eyes around the lecture theatre counting…1…2…5…7…12! That’s a record. It was only week 4 of the semester and 12 sleepy soles were already passed out! 523 more words

Ayia Nappa

Another sign of the remorseless advance of age is my propensity for narcolepsy. At the drop of a hat – I studiously avoid any milliner for obvious reasons – I fall asleep for a few minutes. 498 more words


Something Completely Different Fridays!

Oscar’s (Tail) Tale

Thirty Nine—Lolly, Bailey, and Grandma Brown Visit Adrian’s Farm

In the days that followed my big birthday bash, Adrian came over for supper quite a few times.  729 more words


My wife hardly ever watches football, and she knows very little about the sport . . . and doesn’t care to. She thinks it’s boring because about all they do is line up facing each other, snap the ball, and then hand it to some guy who runs into the pile. 834 more words

Rain and Wind....Oh My!

It’s not as yucky here as I know it is in many other areas today BUT yesterday it was one miserable day.  Great for naps but nothing else.   323 more words

Life With Cats