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lavender dreams

A sleeping cat is a wonder to behold. Always in another universe with one ear cocked toward intruders. Escape.  But you would never know from the total relaxed position.

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How to take a proper nap

Did you know that more than 85% of mammals take naps?

Yet, humans are part of the minority that choose NOT to nap. In fact, as a nation, we are considered sleep deprived. 209 more words


Greece Part 2

We headed in to the city of Athens to check out the tour bus.

We found the standard hop on hop off city sightseeing bus… 169 more words


Buddies! // Kompisar!

Napping with Mr. Q! Human still keeps talking to both of us, not sure why? We’re not listening, we’re sleeping!
Tar en tupplur med Mr. 20 more words

Just Me

Five Months

Hitting the 5 month marker! Marleigh is still a bit of a stinker and likes to cry a lot but it has let up a bit in the past few weeks. 372 more words


Things I wish someone would have told 22-year-old-me

To my younger self,

I know that things may seem difficult, or frustrating, now. You may be impatient for your “life” to begin; you may feel cheated or betrayed by things that have happened, sorrows you have suffered. 1,495 more words

Step Aerobics With Russ

Many of us are feeling worn out right now. We have a lot of work to do. We had an exam in topology this morning, have a homework problem set due tomorrow, and a presentation at the end if the week for both classes. 174 more words

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