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How an Overachieving Work Monger Learned the Benefit of a Good Nap

I’m staying at a friend’s co-op which is unsurprisingly full of long haired hippie types with slow eyed dreams. Despite the fact I’m also pursuing an “alternative” career as opposed to something in office dronery, I’m still skeptical of those who dream of nothing more than working on a farm for six months out of the year and going south to roost with the birds come October. 606 more words



My beautiful, sweet, loving, intelligent, creative six-year-old daughter, Eva, has abandoned me!  She has only been home since Saturday night, and tonight she plans on spending another night away from me (us, really, but my husband can get his own blog to complain about it).   464 more words


Fun filled, sleepless weekend

Hi!  How was your weekend?  We had quite a bit of fun working around the house and seeing The Little Mermaid!

Saturday morning was spent working and then when Max was napping we got ready to head out.   292 more words

Forced napping, an obstacle to growth

Montessori, M., & Costelloe, M. J. (1972). Introduction, Childhood: A Social -Problem. The secret of childhood (pp. 71-75). New York: Ballantine Books. (Original work published 1966) 279 more words

The Secret Of Childhood Chapter Discussion

Napping through depression

So, I’ve been tired lately. And that’s mostly because I’ve been going to sleep at horrendous times. For example, on Monday, I went to sleep at 4 am and had to get up at 7 am. 209 more words

Myth-Busting Monday: Catch those Zzzzz's… But Not Too Many!

I feel like I just gained an hour if my life back! Have you ever gotten up an hour before you have to, and felt guilty for getting up and starting your day when you KNOW you should be getting those last few precious minutes of sleep? 168 more words

Myth-Busting Monday


Well, I was minding my own business this morning, snoozing and dreaming of tunas and dragonflies, when the flippin human decided it was a purrfect time to bring out that obnoxious electronic BEAST and send my blood pressure through the roof! 152 more words