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Auntie's diaper bomb

To the devout speaker of British English, the word diaper might seem anathema. To see the BBC, still the bastion of English as she is spoken at the eastern edge of the Atlantic, using the word might make hackles rise. 367 more words


Happy poo-day to me, happy poo-day to me, happy poo-day to meeeee, happy poo-day to me.

Erm… OK?

It’s 2pm and I’ve dealt with SIX exploding nappies, and a dog who decided to roll in a huge pile of fox crap.

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My Virgin Blog Post

My first blog post and unsure what tone to set. Humour, or what products I have seen while shopping to promote, or my Daily grind.  One of my twins, J, is 16 and harassing me about how lame I am as a blogger. 216 more words

Dog Sh!t

I knew as soon as I walked into the office that morning that it was me.  That acidic, sting your nostrils kind of  smell…it was coming from me.   132 more words

When Chic Nappy Bags Come in Handy: An App to Remind You of Nappy Change

You’re probably all too familiar with lugging these items everywhere you go with your baby, whether for a stroll in the park, or when you take the baby with you to the office. 61 more words


Stop it egg!

I have decided to begin the new year with a return to my blog, and, as has been the case after previous breaks from blogging, I am going to commence my blogging rehab nice and slowly. 281 more words