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The Natural Woman

There’s a struggle being natural. There’s a struggle being a woman. It’s just hard managing sometimes. It’s hard facing societal “norms” not only from “outsiders,” but from your “own” as well. 363 more words


The baby has a dirty nappy - It's your turn

Nappy Changing.  It’s not the most glamorous part of being a parent.  You start off both vaguely curious about what your little cherub is producing and have numerous talks about colour, consistency and smell.   729 more words


Thick Hips & Big Lips: Nothing's Popular Til White Folks Do It

2014 has given the term “Culture Vulture” a whole new meaning. It once indicated a person that was heavily into the arts, but now the term better suits the masses of white people who adopt some thing created by black culture and pretend that the idea was originally theirs. 619 more words

Society And Culture

Ask a Black Girl: Why do Black women think a relaxer or weave is better than natural hair?

Why do other black women act as though having a relaxer and getting a weave is better than the natural hair our creator gave to us?

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Black Women

La ' Vega releases new single 'Nappy'

The rapper and songwriter known as La ‘ Vega has released her latest hip-hop single, “Nappy.” The track has been released on the MVB Entertainment Music Group LLC independent record label, which features the talents of such artists as Deno Corneliani and Ali Moore. 324 more words