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What's on the bum?

Sporting a Hansel and Gretel totsbot nappy, that belonged to Xanthe. Check out Chunk living up to his name!
23 weeks


Product Highlight: Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Black castor oil comes from the castor oil plant which originated in Ethiopia. It is believed to have been first made and used by ancient Egyptians for beauty and medicinal purposes.  250 more words

Natural Hair

Racism Insurance: Coverage for White Privilege

Just to give some people a heads up; it was also picking on the fact that some men think it is okay to call women in their own ethnic group hoes, but outside of that particular ethnic group, you can’t call another ethnic group of women hoes. 74 more words


Happy Nappy & Natural in the Making

While I’ve been abroad I’ve adopted the whole natural hair//no heat lifestyle. It’s been two months since I’ve used heat (very big improvement from my… 363 more words


Before the Journey Begins...

Growing locs is usually a long-term committment, and rightfully so, requires some thought and consideration before taking the plunge. You must be prepared mentally, physically, and spiritually… 327 more words

Natural Hair

Loc Inspiration

My locs were totally inspired by Lauryn Hill! When I saw her locs beautifully framing her face, I thought to myself, How dope! She was so fly with her positive music, natural hair, and carefree style. 298 more words

Natural Hair

Nappy brands review

With so many nappy brands available, getting a good nappy for my little cute face that meets all my demands- cheap and of good quality was a long journey. 327 more words