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10 Stereotypes Black Women Should Own With Pride

Stereotypes are usually awful judgy assumptions that are offensive and often times a grossly blanketed idea of a certain group of people. There are countless stereotypes about black women that are meant to offend and harm; but, these are 10 stereotypes black women should totally own with pride: 518 more words

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Frohawk Reloaded

It’s the return of the frohawk but this time with a bit more intricacy. My journey back to the salon took a longer than usual time as I wanted to give my scalp a much-needed break. 97 more words


Cantu Curling Cream Review 💆

First off let me start off by saying I AM NATURAL . I have been natural for about say 4-5 years now. Thats how long its been since I had a perm. 112 more words


Is that weave?  Can I touch?  Do you wash your hair?  Will you need to shave your head?  When will you take them out?  Do you smoke weed?

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What's on the bum?

Sporting a Hansel and Gretel totsbot nappy, that belonged to Xanthe. Check out Chunk living up to his name!
23 weeks


Thinning Edges? Itchy Scalp? Dry Scalp?

Black castor oil comes from the castor oil plant which originated in Ethiopia. It is believed to have been first made and used by ancient Egyptians for beauty and medicinal purposes.  256 more words

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Racism Insurance: Coverage for White Privilege

Just to give some people a heads up; it was also picking on the fact that some men think it is okay to call women in their own ethnic group hoes, but outside of that particular ethnic group, you can’t call another ethnic group of women hoes. 74 more words