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Naptown's Next: Justus "Useless"

I was just sent a real gem that I would be foolish not to share with all of you that haven’t heard it. New Justus, Useless. 98 more words

Naptown's Next

Pharrell Williams "Happy" | Indianapolis, IN #IndyisHappy

Take a look at some of the local people, and businesses, that call Indianapolis, Indiana, their home.


Why Aren't They Called The "National Quarterfinals"?

Instead of the ubiquitous and catchy “Elite Eight” or the stodgy “Regional Final”, wouldn’t calling them the “National Quarterfinals” add even more gravitas to the occasion?  217 more words


This Is Only The Beginning.

My mind is scattered all over the place. So many things to fucking do. Pardonnez mon français. I’m growing up, I feel like I’m finally I’m getting things done. 659 more words


So...Boosie's Out

Welcome back to the official blog of the artist known as M.O.U.S.E.!

My sincerest apologies for the late delivery, as I try to provide you a new entry every Wednesday. 354 more words


[VIDEO] @Donnie_Blow | "MY LEVEL" | (Official Video)

Donnie Blow “My Level” shot and edited by Brittani Nightengale
Visit DonnieBlow.com

For videos email mim_films@yahoo.com

@MIMFilms (For Videos)
@Inspiredby_Brittani (For Videos)


Stop Naming Your City After Violent Countries, Because They Will Blame Black People and Hip-Hop [Opinion]

Even when it seems Ignorance is at an all time high it seems that there is always someone to find some way to take it HIGHER! 450 more words

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