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The Isolation is not only Physical when you interact with a Narcissist

Living with a narcissist is to have your ticket punched for a one-way trip to Fantasy Island. And not the good kind of Fantasy Island. … 281 more words


Body Language

I’m not a body language expert, but I do believe I have better than average intuition. Most intuition comes from being able to read people. Following are photos (cropped) of my stepdaughter and her mom taken over the past year or so. 25 more words


Narcissists and the Legal System

I swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, yeah right! Anyone that is unfortunate enough to have dealt with a narcissist knows that this is not going to happen. 553 more words


The Neverending Circle of Narcissistic Abuse

Hello and welcome to my blog. If you’ve found me, I’m guessing that you’re either looking for confirmation that you’re living with a narcissist, or that someone has told you you are one. 276 more words

What do you expect Children of Narcissists to do?

Children of narcissists are incredibly resilient.
Their lives are lived in the foggy environment of narcissistic projections.
They reach out again and again to connect and there is nothing there authentically present from the parental perspective. 195 more words


Q u i L L #6 The World As We Know It

Sometimes I wonder what harm it would be
If I overdosed on me
My wants
My desires
My “me first” driven existence tantamount to self-worship… 21 more words