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Where Does Narcissism Come From? Part I

Good question. I’ve thought about this a lot. If you look up narcissism, there is a tremendous amount of stuff about its roots.

Is it genetic? 787 more words

Narcissism - One Woman's True Story Of Marriage To A Narcissist

A-Z Blog Challenge Day 14

“Narcissist (n.): a more polite term for a self-serving, manipulative, evil asshole with no soul.” ~ Unknown (Google Images)

I’ll be totally honest, when I was first introduced to the Marvel universe, there was one character who stole my heart.   267 more words

Anti Hero


Narcissism has such a negative connotation. Growing up it was something I never wanted to be called; therefore, I tried to not talk about myself or feel proud of who I was. 495 more words


Millennials: Who We Are and Why Gen X Hates Us

Generation Y. 1980-2000. The Peter Pan generation. The entitled, lazy, narcissistic generation from hell who are the new and upcoming world leaders. We are different from generations prior to us. 228 more words

The Hindsight Pendulum

I’m getting ready for bed and am feeling extremely restless.  My mind has been swaying back and forth a lot lately, and as per usual trend I will work it out via words. 656 more words

Change of Focus

Recently, I’ve been doing very little writing. I’d like to say that I’ve been on a great adventure, visiting some exotic place or that I have a new love in my life and I’ve been preoccupied, but the truth is that I’ve been reluctant to keep reliving all of the experiences that have fueled my writing about narcissism. 116 more words