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Formation of a Narcissist and His Narcissistic Supplies- Part 3

In the previous two articles I wrote about the foundation that set up the formation of a Narcissist, if you have read the previous articles, you would have read about that his surroundings are the main influences that caused this disorder. 1,253 more words


The Selfie Love

With the passing of days and time

The love for self is growing fast

Today the world is full of narcissists

The simple ones labelled as outcast. 185 more words


The power of selfishness

Being selfish isn’t something modern day society encourages one to do. In fact, we are constantly being fed lines about putting others first, paying it forward, being selfless, acts of kindness and this is all wonderful. 722 more words

Formation of a Narcissist and His Narcissistic Supplies- Part 2

In my first post, I’ve written about some of the influences that can “help” form a Narcissist.

(See here: http://liveforthei.com/2014/11/20/formation-of-a-narcissist-and-his-narcissistic-supplies-part-1/)

Narcissism can be formed from the encouragements given from his surroundings, this “encouragement” is often not really as it is… It is more of a tolerance than an actual encouragement. 1,380 more words


The Irony Of the Narcissist's Love of Mirrors

For all their love of mirrors, narcissistic people engage in little to no self-reflection.

I guess this all started with the myth and legend. Narcissus gazing upon himself never realizing what was him and what was reflection. 140 more words


out in the cold

My younger daughter lives at home and my other daughter lives in another state.

They used to call and talk to each other every Friday night, but they haven’t done that for awhile.   338 more words

Passive Aggressive Behavior

I think my ex-girlfriend is a narcissist ...but it's probably me!

Gnostics believed that the greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he was god. They called this figure ‘’The Demiurge” and he was responsible for the fashioning and construction of the physical or perceptible world of form. 772 more words