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The View of the Narcissist

Dear Narcissist,

I am sick of you and your conniving, scheming ways.

I am sick of your “elastic” view of time. Things that happened years ago, you throw in my face as if I had done the act minutes ago. 448 more words


Married to a Narcissist - Diary Entry 1 - 28/04/2014

This is a string of diary entries that I wrote while being married to a serious Narcissist. I could not quite believe it when I discovered that I was married to a Narcissist. 664 more words


Another rainy afternoon in the city, and I watch through my window the people grasping on to the collars of their coats and umbrellas running to meet up deadlines to free some space for a glass of wine by the fire place with their persons escaping from their mundane schedule.

476 more words
College Essay

Whisky, weed, and Jhene Aoki

Once upon a time I wrote nearly every day. It was my creative outlet. Sharing my words were comparable to the physical exhalation that whisky brings me now. 189 more words

The "Dollhouse Effect" of Narcissism

I had posted relatively recently a surprising interaction with my husband’s ex-wife, who I believe has narcissistic tendencies.

In the phone call exchange that I overheard, she asked him. 498 more words


How To Handle A Narcissist-Part 1

We’ve all seen ‘em. We’ve all dealt with ‘em. Hell, maybe you’re one of ‘em.

Call me crazy, but dealing with a person who is constantly going on about how awesome they are, snapping pics of themselves, and who start yawning and falling asleep when you dare to utter one sentence that does not involve them in some way is a horrible way to spend an afternoon. 513 more words

Pathological Narcissism Psychosis And Delusions

One of the most important symptoms of pathological narcissism (the Narcissistic Personality Disorder) is grandiosity. Grandiose fantasies (megalomaniac delusions of grandeur) permeate every aspect of the narcissist’s personality. 766 more words