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Stalk Much

This is Hubby’s weekend with SD. I picked her up yesterday after volunteering at her school. I figure it helps for the school personnel to get to know me so when Tinkerbell tries to spread her lies about me and Hubby, they will already know better.   395 more words

Parental Alienation

It Was Not Very Nice in My Home

Its a funny thing. I knew that my mother was not your normal, everyday mother but she differed so significantly from the other mothers of her time that it never occurred to me that there might be more to it. 402 more words


10 Things You Need to Know About Narcissists

Regardless of your relationship with a narcissist, several patterns seem to ring true.
1. They don’t care about you.

This is the most hurtful of their traits but it is the most consistent. 1,389 more words


The Monster of Narcissism

We’ve entered into my favorite time of year, when the weather starts to change, the Fall Feasts are on the horizon, and when Football returns! I’ve been a fan of the game as far back as I can remember and still sport a crooked nose from a sandlot effort at playing Quarterback. 989 more words

Track | Beiju | Narcissistic

So here’s this new Brooklyn based project from Caitlin Seager, Ethan Snyder, Greg Timmes and  Cal Fish. Last week they released this single and we really like it. 47 more words


Car Seat Drama

It’s no secret that Tinkerbell lies about Hubby and I. She does so shamelessly, to anyone who will listen. There is also no doubt (in my mind) that she tells her stories and lies about us to/within earshot of SD.   847 more words

Parental Alienation

The "Do Good-er" Approach to Narcissism

This picture was prompted by a comment to one of my blogs. The comment was by a fellow blogger (check out her work) in reference to my blog about being the… 448 more words