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Clean up act

It’s that time of the year, where most people here in India begin an extensive cleaning exercise for the big festival – Diwali. Home improvement, fixing the furniture, getting the walls done to much simpler things like throwing away unused items are on the to-do list. 366 more words


Fantasia (1940)

I do love Disney and the wonder it can communicate is second to none at times but with this film, in which ashamedly I’d only seen a few segments of, I found myself mightily bored on the most part. 631 more words


One Method to Rule Them All: The Narration Process Crosses Every Discipline, by Genevieve

I have noticed many homeschooling blogs which depict perfect mothers teaching perfect children in perfect homes. Maybe they spend days setting up the fantasy scenery and more days editing out every imperfection while their children are left to fend for themselves. 887 more words


On Narration

Although, like most other people, I hate the sound of my voice played back to me, narration is almost definitely the strongest way to convey the information I need to. 136 more words


Creepy Vlog.

There’s not much more to say.

…and that’s why I wasn’t cast as Bane…

Completely Random

How You Can Help Feed The World - Yes You

In order to feed an expected population of 9 billion by 2050, we’ll have to produce 60% more food over 35 years. But climate change is making that nearly impossible. 13 more words


Yemen's Houthis Take Sanaa - But Who Are They?

Since 2004, Yemen has faced a rebellion from a group called the Houthis. They recently held the country’s capital, Sanaa, under siege and forced prime minister Mohammed Salem Basindwa out of office. 15 more words