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So I got to thinking about actions and consequences this morning.

I want to tell you a few things about me:

My parents taught me to respect everyone regardless of race, religion or creed. 165 more words


For Matthew

This is for a young man named Matthew.

I never knew you personally.

But I was 13 years old and I knew what happened to you. 112 more words



March of Dimes is another non-profit organization that I support.

Why do people support certain causes?

Well, usually there’s a story.

Here’s mine:

I was born in the 80s and I was a premie, which is an endearing term to describe premature babies. 296 more words



Photography signifies more than a visual image for me.

For me it’s about expressing and healing.

So much of what I see with my eyes, I want to capture. 229 more words



For my BFF:

You will always be a constant.

You are the strongest anchor.

You keep the sailboat docked through the stormiest seas.

You let me ride the waves when it’s safe. 22 more words


An Ode of Sorts

This post was inspired by my Dad.

He gave me a great idea without even knowing it.

I saw him puttering around in the garage and decided to do a quick evening shoot of everyday objects residing there. 118 more words

Close Ups

Duane Michal's Simulations (Fall 2010)

I wanted to share some of my digital photography I shot while I was an undergraduate at Santa Clara University.

This project was inspired by… 181 more words