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Karma - exploring ethics through the music video of 1200 Techniques

If all the world is a stage, and we are performers, who are we performing for? Ourselves. We reflect on our deeds and make judgements on whether our behaviour has been outstanding, suitable or even woefully inadequate. 628 more words

Charter Schools: The Narrative of the Success Academies

Let me say at the outset that I know I’m stepping into a messy topic. I’ve never seen a conversation about charter schools that didn’t involve screaming and/or tears; it’s a polarizing subject that people are very passionate about and I wouldn’t dream of trying to change anyone’s opinion with this post. 1,210 more words

Unspooling, and the story of now

Of late, I have the word unspooling unspooling in my head. It occurs to me as I type that perhaps this longtime obsessive habit of hearing words, bits of sentences, and lines from stories in my inner ear, is, um, not normal. 1,171 more words

Everything But Kitchen Sink

Another halfway point

The third character-arc map has been completed, and I did it all in one day.

It was, to be fair, MUCH less involved than the first two I did, and the next three are similarly light, two of them quite a lot more so. 856 more words


Portraiture & Augmented Relationships

This interactive work using LAYAR technology is a treasure hunt, a scrapbook, an autobiographical self-portrait told through the objects. It’s a portal, a performance piece, an ongoing narrative. 338 more words

Napoleon Brousseau