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The Life Story Schema


Current work on autobiographical memory does not take the termautobiographical seriously enough. Doing so requires taking not just single events, but the whole life and its coherence, into account: Only memories that are linked to self through their emotional or motivational significance over one’s life are truly autobiographical. 663 more words

Autobiographical Memory

The Twenty First Century

What some men fail to realize is that we live in the twenty first century. We live in a world run by the latest newspaper scandal, the latest post on twitter, and the hottest new thing on the market. 380 more words

shoe polish

This is shoe polish; the first shoe polish I’ve ever bought, and it was until today I realized how cheap it was—not even one euro. 455 more words



Light up, initiate,
Fire up and ignite.
I am a firework,
Burn me tonight.


I shouldn't even be writing this...

I shouldn’t even be writing this…

After a series of back spaces, closing and opening of my word document, I’m still staring blankly at the bright white sheet which stares straight back at me. 1,205 more words


So, here's Thought Experiment #4

Storytelling is my obsession and my life, sure, but not all stories need to be on the list of the longest novels in the English language… 167 more words

"I Used To Believe X For Reason Y..." And the Failure of Intellectual Imagination

We seem to live in an age that lacks intellectual imagination; at least when it comes to the thought processes of others. One of the most glaring (and personally annoying) examples of this is on display in many modern “intellectual conversion” narratives. 999 more words

Cultural Commentary