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Structuring the Narrative

1. What’s the Story, Morning Glory?

Many roleplayers feel an opposition between being ‘in the flow’ of the game and having conscious input into its narrative. 1,645 more words

Infernal Desire Machines

Learning to Forgive

Right now at church, our sermon series is about forgiveness. Not that many bad things have really happened to me in my life, so when I listened the first week, all I could think about was how I need to forgive my older brother for the way he’s treated my mom. 680 more words


Analysing Breaking Bad in Terms of Narrative

This is essentially a 5 minute presentation that I am yet to present to my class. For the analysis, I used the content I was given in class about a story’s narrative. 844 more words

Theory Posts

Eksotisme Pulau Biawak yang Berbahaya

Eksotisme yang disajikan oleh pulau ini sangat menyejukan hati

Are we alone in this universe?

Saat matahari tenggelam di ufuk barat, kita menikmatinya di tepi pantau… 703 more words


The sounds of a carnival: bells whistling from the booths of games,
kernels popping and music blaring
the familiar do doot do do do do doot do… 204 more words



I’ve considered myself a Christian my entire life, aside from the very weird year after my dad died. I’ve never belonged to a church, but my grandmother instilled in me the beliefs of a follower of Christ and taught me about the way that I should live. 738 more words


Control and the Caregiving of the Mentally Ill!

I have not spoken about my son on here yet, and it is time that I do.  It can be difficult to speak about the caregiving that goes with caring for a mentally ill child because mental illness has become a dirty term in our society.  760 more words