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How to Open the First Chapter: Narration vs Dialogue

I have been thinking a little bit today about some advice I was given; about, how to start a story/novel. I was told that a writer needs to open the first chapter of their book with action, through the use of dialogue. 285 more words

Coulduh, Shoulduh, Woulduh

I’d like to open with this quote by Lisel Mueller.

“I am always haunted by the sense that I could have been someone else, there but for the grace of God go I, that kind of thing, and that’s a reason I chose as my title poem, or as a title for the book, the poem ‘Alive Together,’ which is in the book and was written quite a few years ago, and which is a kind of catalogue of all the people I was thinking of who I might have been at various times in history, and the miracle and the accident that it is that any of us are who we are.”

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Excerpt from "Sins of the Black Father"

A student at the local university, named Maya, picked up her copy of the newspaper on her way into the library. She made a point of reading the paper cover to cover every morning. 455 more words


What Type of Hero Are You?

No, it’s not an internet quiz, to tell you whether you are Frodo, or Katniss Everdene, Wolverine or Princess Elsa. The world has enough of those to be going on with. 801 more words

YANSS 037 - Drive, Motivation, and Crowd Control with Daniel Pink

The Topic: Motivation

The Guest: Daniel Pink

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This episode is brought to you by Lynda, an easy and affordable way to help individuals and organizations learn. 1,611 more words


Snow queens and shoppers


Looking back at early twentieth century winter magazine covers, there’s a clear sense of narrative attached to the visual. It may be as simple as the “Vogue” lady completing her Christmas shopping before the snow storm sets in, or an evocation of a well-known fairytale like “ 155 more words


Turning Ourselves Inside Out: A #WOLWeek Reflection

It has been a good week, a contentious week, provoking. Working Out Loud is not supposed to be easy – if it were, there would be no need for a… 190 more words

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