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Return. Synonimous of sad feelings at times. Resolution to avoid it and at the same time to bring yourself to accept it for a while. At least until the lines on the horizon are a little neater. 261 more words


Up In The Air

‘Be out the front of Starbucks after you collect your luggage.  I’ll be wearing a white shirt.  Have the ringgit ready.’


Alert, yet exhausted, she sat on the airport lounge chair, her legs propped up on a carry-on suitcase.   1,059 more words

Creative Writing

Children are seen but not heard

Children are to be seen and not heard. That is the basic message I received growing up. Fortunately my father left us when I was fourteen, so we could finally be part of the household scene at all times. 809 more words


Week 1 Power Point for COM 210

Here is today’s Power Point. The emphasis is on boilerplate information about the class:


Peter and the Magic Dragon

1.) Reconsiderations in the Dark

2.) The Sophist in the Woods

3.) The Garden of the Hesperides


Peter and the Magic Dragon


“To dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free…” 1,061 more words


Heavy Narrative: Gaming That Appeals to Real Emotions

Recently I have played through games that delved into a whole new level an experience of story telling and contradict my past concerns referring to my last post… 270 more words



Off we were

Just us two;

My sister and I.

Off to gallivant through

The Golden State.

When we arrived,

Eager to soak up

The sublime sunshine, 99 more words