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Hunt in The South : a Venture Unsolicited

Pam Strugar and April Durham constructed a final Multipoint exhibition in LA at groundspace project in downtown Los Angeles.


Lonnie Roman II

Chapter II

The wall was going to be held up forever.  It seemed that as long as Lonnie and his friends were in school, there would always be someone to lean up against the wall to support it.  1,306 more words


Kierkegaard on Philosophy and Understanding Life

Philosophy is perfectly right in saying that life must be understood backward. But then one forgets the other clause — that it must be lived forward.

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Michelle Wilson - Oakland, California

Briefly describe the work you do.           

My work fluctuates between contemplative activism and personal narrative. It takes the form of handmade papers, prints, artist books, sculptures, installations and social practice interventions. 1,391 more words

Narrative Reason (I Wish I Could Be)

First of all, to clarify: I am adamantly against “writing what you know”. How boring would that be? Science fiction would be nowhere by adhering to such an adage. 422 more words


[Original Fiction] I Don't Know what is this even

A dollar, a dollar, a dollar for a collar.

Wet moist patters across the asphalt street, like the asphalt where you looked at her.

What she really wanted to say was, why do you keep on looking at me like that? 1,251 more words

Original Fiction

Rape on Game of Thrones: What's with the popular dialogue?

As you may have heard, Game of Thrones this week has caused controversy over its depiction of an incestuous rape scene. The show has never shied away from the depiction of graphic physical and sexual violence, but this seems to have struck a nerve with many people as it interrupts the character’s redemption curve and is a departure from the depiction provided by the book on which it is based. 260 more words

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