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Feeding Time

Feeding Time
Denise Fletcher

Saturday afternoon in the park
we drive to our secluded spot
to entertain the animals. Or
Is it we who are entertained? 241 more words


How Batman: Arkham Origins fails as a prequel

Batman Arkham Origins has the narrative of a prequel, but the mechanics of a sequel. This dissonance may be a contribute to poor reviews. Averaging Metacritic reviews of 75/100 7.5/10, compared to the 91/100 8.8/10 and 91/100 8.5/10 of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City respectively. 547 more words

Trainspotting and the Dilemma of Scottish National Identity

Trainspotting and the Dilemma of Scottish National Identity

By Matthew Jones

Trainspotting, a film by Scottish director Danny Boyle, follows the misadventures of a group of Scottish heroin addicts in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. 2,895 more words


The single story dilemma

Well, the Pulitzers were announced. Did you win one? Me neither. Andrea Elliott and Ruth Fremson of the New York Times didn’t win one either and it wouldn’t surprise me if they were a bit more disappointed than I am today. 339 more words

Writing Techniques

Inside a Psychopath

“We’ve all got the power to kill in our hands, most of us are afraid to use it. Those who aren’t, control life itself.” In our society, we are naturally, unknowingly, irrevocably attracted to violence. 973 more words


Our love story

You and I live according to a story.

Actually, we live according to several kinds of small stories, but there is some form of an overarching story we believe in that gives meaning to our lives. 920 more words


The Subaltern Shall Not Speak: Clicker-Training for Silence in Autistic Children?

I started my day encountering this post on Tumblr (the link is to my own reblog; comments reproduced below.)  It opened with this image.

It’s a screenshot from a blog post on clicker-training children with autism.   535 more words