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My first official visit to Shinshū University was 10 days after I’d arrived in the country. That sounds like a pretty significant chunk of time, but virtually every day had been filled with administrative bullshit like finding an apartment, signing lease agreements, registering with city hall, getting a cell phone, opening a bank account, and registering my personal stamp (more on that later). 671 more words


Writers Envy

They say that the grass is always greener, that is until you get over there. I am also finding that writing is no different.

I am a poet at heart.   259 more words


Change in Perspective

NOTE: Reading on might put you in danger of reading Bioshock Infinite SPOILERS. You have been warned.

Once upon a time there was a story. It was told by a man with a very passive and detached narrative to the events that were happening before him. 670 more words

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Enter My Mind

It was a dark and stormy night:
That opening line gave you quite the fright.
This will not be your average tale;
I am not known for being ordinary and in this I will not fail. 67 more words


Making Sense of Our Lives

In an essay in the Sunday New York Times entitled, “Does Everything Happen For a Reason?” Konika Banerjeee and Paul Bloom (a Yale graduate student and professor, both in Psychology) discuss studies showing that most people tend to find meaning and purpose in the events in their lives. 1,044 more words


One-Sided Story-Telling

Story-telling is a major part of the human experience, partly because it seems to puts our lives into perspective. A major theme that seems to be embedded within community psychology is helping people tell their own stories. 635 more words

Ghost Stories (Vol. II)

Since I was quite small, I’ve always been able to sense “others.” But I’ve never actually seen one – nor do I wish to do so. 937 more words

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